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   Chapter 782 Join The Army In Advance

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Back at the Seaview Villa, Sean followed Terence into the study right after eating dinner.

"Hey, Sean. It seems that you have something in your mind. What's wrong?"

Seeing that Sean wanted to say something during dinner, Terence had asked him to follow him into the study so that they could talk in private.

"Oh, it's nothing. It's just that I have an idea. Terence, I think I want to join the army before I reach the required age,"

said Sean as his face bore a serious look. The determination on his face suggested that the idea he had was already well thought of.

"But can you at least tell me why?"

Looking at his serious face, Terence asked as he wanted to understand where all the decision came from. In fact, he had already planned to allow him to join the army when he reached the required age. This proposal, however, was something that he did not expect from Sean at all.

Lowering his head, Sean replied, "Don't worry about me too much. I can learn a lot of things on my own in my spare time once I serve in the army. Take a look at it this way: I think that it would be such a waste of time if I spend all of my energy and resources in studying now. I want to go there as soon as possible.

I just want to help you and my sister before anything bad happens!"

Having met Grandpa Nicholas right before he died, Sean thought that he was no longer the naive and innocent kid that he used to be.

Back when he was still alive, Grandpa Nicholas had told him something that stuck with him. Although he hadn't been able to understand what he meant back then, he took the time to reflect on it. And now that he had grown wiser, he thought that he began to understand what Nicholas meant.

"Only when you become strong can you protect the people you want to protect."

All he wanted to do was to protect his sister and Sally from any harm in the world. After all, he believed that family was the most stable thing in the world that could keep him grounded.

"Sean, don't you think I can protect your sister and my daughter? Don't you believe in me?"

Looking at his serious face, Terence realized that Sean was not kidding around when he said that he really wanted to join the army.

And the main reason for Sean's eagerness was that he wanted to protect Carla and her family at all costs.

Shaking his head, Sean then said, "No, you got it all wrong. I believe in you. It's not what you think!

Even if many people out there think they know you. They're wrong. But I know one thing for sure: I know that my brother-in-law is the one who loves my sister most in the world. And besides, what happened before was beyond expectation.

I also know that you have been trying your best to love and protect my sister. I believe that with time and effort, the two of you will get better in the future."

Deep in his heart, Sean knew that Terence loved his sister so much, because if he didn't, then the two would not have ended together.

Sometimes life was just like a whimsical episode wherein it constantly tortured people in many ways that forgave no one. No stren

ecisions for him?

"Carla, if there is nothing else we can do with them, then I will get engaged with Jane. Let's get them what they want so that they won't cause you any more trouble," Sean said. After all, he saw it as just a mere engagement. He didn't think it was a big deal. If he were to be engaged with Jane, then both Uncle James and Auntie Sara wouldn't disturb them anymore.

"What in the world are you talking about, Sean? Of course I won't let it happen! Over my dead body! Do you really think Auntie Cheryl just wants Jane to marry you? Her niece, Jane and this kind of marriage will be nothing but trouble for the rest of your life. Trust me, I know how this goes,"

Carla said unhappily. As Sean's sister, she must help Sean see through Auntie Cheryl and know her real agenda.

Auntie Cheryl and her family would surely be greedier in the future once they agreed to her requirements at this time.

Sean is the child of the Ji Family, which was a fact that couldn't be changed. But Uncle James and Auntie Cheryl went too far this time.

And if by any chance that Sean would fall in love with Jane, then it would be too difficult for Carla to object to their relationship, which was the entire reason why Carla was upset.

"Well, don't be so angry. Here, drink some milk."

Terence took the milk from Sophie and put it in Carla's hands. Smiling gently, he then said, "Don't worry about it, honey. I'll handle it."

Turning to Sean, he then said, "Sean, if your Uncle James and his family come here tomorrow, receive them like how you normally would. Don't give them any opportunity to slander us. When they bring up this thing, just cooperate with me and follow my lead according to the situation."

Understanding what he meant, Sean nodded. He believed that as long as his brother-in-law got involved in the situation, there was nothing that he should worry about.

What was more, he was going to join the army soon. Once he got enrolled in the program, he would then naturally avoid all the problems and leave them down the drain.

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