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   Chapter 780 She Who Laughs Last, Laughs Best

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10622

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"Callie, let's talk more about your pregnancy when we meet in person. By the way, you should limit your use of electronic devices right now. Electronic radiation is not good for the baby. Take care, my darling. I'll come and see you tomorrow."

Andrea said with a chuckle and then hung up the phone.

At that moment, Carla could only smile as she shook her head. With all of the precautions that people had been telling her since she got pregnant, Carla started to think that maybe she should just be isolated from the outside world.

Terence had already gone back to the company to deal with some matters. From then on, he would only have a half day's work on the weekdays. For holidays and weekends, he would be at home with her.

That same afternoon, Violet came to Carla's house as soon as she was made aware that Carla had come back. As usual, she brought Cody along.

Although Violet had already been pregnant for several months, she still looked fit. She didn't even have any difficulty walking.


Violet exclaimed while she gave Carla a bear hug the moment she saw her!

"It's been a month since you left. Do you know how much Cody misses Sally?"

Violet chuckled as she accused her of being away for so long.

"Really? You two only missed Sally? You didn't miss me?" Carla also smiled at her. They hadn't seen each other for only a month and Violet had already gained some weight. It looked like William had been taking good care of her.

"Of course, I missed you so much that I even lost some weight." Violet blinked her eyes and continued, "By the way, you did a good job, girl! You must have suffered a lot, but it's so worth it. Now, you're going to have this little baby. I bet your father-in-law must be so happy right now."

Violet said while she reached out and caressed Carla's flat belly. With her other hand, Violet then touched her own belly. "I hope this one can be a boy. Just like Sally and Cody, Sally can have a little brother to play with."

"To me, it honestly doesn't matter. Whether it's a boy or a girl, I'm happy, simply with the fact that this baby will be born into the world."

Carla said, smiling with relief. Then she held Violet's hand and led her inside the house.

At the same time, Sally had just come back from school. Seeing that Cody was there, the two little kids were immediately excited in each other's presence. It didn't take long before they rushed to play and have some fun.

Looking at their children so happy with each other, Violet and Carla went to the room on the third floor. They had been fond of that room since it had huge glass windows overlooking the sea on the left and the city on the right.

They comfortably lay on the sofa, looked at the view outside of the windows, ate snacks, drank juice, and talked about so many things.

"Carla, there's something that I realized about you and your life. It seems like you have to suffer so much before you can get what you want,"

Violet briefly stated while she was drinking a cup of fresh juice. Violet found that the saying "She who laughs last, laughs best" seemed very suitable for Carla.

Not long ago, Carla almost died. Aft

ntion to giving herself a break before. But now that she knew she was pregnant and that a developing human being was inside her, she knew that should be more careful.

Besides, since she had gone through so much before this pregnancy, she knew that she should cherish the child more.

"Sister? Are you there?"

Sean knocked on the door, still with Sally in his arms.

"Sean? Is that you? Come on in."

Hearing her brother's voice, Carla put down the book in her hand and stood up from the bed.

Sean entered the room with a huge smile on his face.


As soon as Sally saw her mother, she got out of Sean's arms and rushed towards Carla. Then, she held up both of her hands, telling Carla that she wanted to be carried. But Sean immediately stopped the little girl and said, "Sally, you can't ask your mother to carry you anymore, okay?"


Sally asked in confusion, with a huge pout on her face.

"Because your mother has a baby developing in her belly. Didn't you always want to have a little brother or sister? Next year, she'll give birth to this little brother or sister that you have always wished for. When that time comes, you will have another playmate whom you can play with, all day long!"

Sean patiently explained to her. Rainer drove him home, so he had already told him about the pregnancy while they were on the way.

"Really? Uncle, you're not lying to me, right? Auntie Violet's belly is so big but my mother's belly is so small. How can there be a little baby in it?"

When she heard what Sean had just said, Sally walked over to Carla with so much curiosity and poked her mother's flat belly with her little finger.

Carla grabbed her little hand and pulled the little girl into her arms. She said with a smile, "That's because the baby inside Mommy is still small. When the baby grows up a little, Mommy's belly will be a little bigger, just like Auntie Violet's."

Thinking about it for a while, Sally asked again.

"If the baby grows more and more, will mommy's belly be broken? How can we take him out of your belly when my little brother grows up?"

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