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   Chapter 779 The Golden Dragon

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10374

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"Father, don't get too excited about it. If the baby turns out to be a girl, then you're still not going to have the grandson that you've been wanting for the longest time, right?"

Eunice candidly stated. She tried to hide her annoyance but it just poured out from her every word.

She couldn't bear to see people around Carla when they took care of her as if she were a priceless treasure. Sure, she got that treatment when she was pregnant but not at this scale.

"Shut up, Eunice!"

Rhys shouted at her with a cold voice.

"Did I say anything wrong? I just don't want Father to have his hopes up and be disappointed in the end." Eunice said with a shrug.

Edmund coughed heavily. "It doesn't matter. Whether it's a boy or a girl, I'll be very happy, simply with the fact that Carla is going to give birth to one more child for Terence."

"Rhys, take your wife home right now. You don't have to come and see me if you have nothing important to say. I'm fine so just go."

Eunice's face turned pale when she heard that. She then glanced at Carla and thought, 'Don't be so conceited, Carla. It wouldn't make any difference if you have one more daughter. Sooner or later, daughters would just marry someone else and leave the family. They're useless to the Ans.'

"Yes, Father."

Rhys said and walked towards the door while holding Eunice's hand.

After they walked out of the ward, Rhys let go of Eunice and turned to face her. He then said with a straight face, "Can you have at least a little brain in you?

If you didn't interfere with the company's business before, we wouldn't have lost so much money. To protect you, I didn't even tell Father about it.

And look at what you're doing right now. You know that Father is very happy right now, but you just rained all over his parade. Do you think we don't have enough troubles right now?"

Eunice snorted and raised her chin to look at him. "Rhys, don't you dare sling mud at me. You should blame yourself for your own incompetence. It's not my fault! As the acting CEO, you have the final say on everything, don't you?

Besides, those people didn't really want to help you because you're just a vice president. If it weren't for you, we wouldn't have lost so much money. Don't you think you only have yourself to blame?"

Eunice furiously said and then she cast a glance at the closed door.

Meanwhile, Rhys just listened to her without saying anything.

While her eyes were still fixated on the door and imagining what was still happening on the other side, Eunice sighed. She then stated in a calmer voice, "Yes, you're right. I don't like Carla. But how could you tell me not to worry about it? If she really has a son, what about our son Eric?"

It was perfectly clear for Eunice. She continued, "If Terence doesn't have a son, there's still a high possibility that Eric might inherit the company in the future. But if Carla really gives birth to a son, and he turns out to be a little better than Eric when the time comes, then Eric would never be able to stand out."

Eunice suddenly felt pity, not just for th

e smiled and said, "Don't worry, honey. You'll get used to it." Carla could only hope so. She had been pregnant with Sally before but during that time, no one was there to take care of her. She only had herself to rely on.

Biting the chopsticks, Carla sighed and began to eat again.

When the afternoon came, Carla called Andrea to tell her the good news.

"Callie, are you serious? Are you really pregnant now?! That's so amazing! I'm going to have another grandchild!

I knew it! When we met the last time, I noticed that you liked eating a lot of sour things. You must have already had the baby at that time. But you still lied to me, didn't you? Now you can't hide it anymore, sweetheart.

Oh, thank God. My Callie is pregnant again. You really made all of those people shut their mouths, didn't you?"

Andrea rambled when she heard the great news.

"Yes, we just went to the hospital this morning. The doctor told me to get good rest for the first three months." Carla couldn't help but beam when she heard that her mother was so ecstatic.

"Then you should take the Doctor's advice and have enough rest. You shouldn't go out that much and wander around too often. If you really want to walk, you can go somewhere really close. Don't wear yourself out. But this news is just so great! Congratulations, my daughter!" Andrea couldn't control her happiness. She then continued, "By the way, I've just dreamed of a golden dragon flying down from the sky yesterday. Then, I saw that it came towards you. It turns out that there really is a blessing!" Andrea was getting a little too excited.

When she heard her Mom's words, Carla laughed and said, "Mom, you're getting a little dramatic. This dream has no scientific basis at all."

"You don't know that. This kind of a dream is reliable. Callie, after all the sufferings that you went through, maybe this time you'll finally have a son. I'm so happy for you!"

Andrea was just swimming in happiness at that point. She couldn't help but celebrate for her daughter and only think of happy thoughts.

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