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   Chapter 778 The Second Child

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8080

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"You are right. Now that we are here, we should surely take a look,"

Terence said with a smile. He wanted his father to witness what he had achieved after so much strenuous effort.

He not only messed up with him and Carla, but also ended up in the hospital himself.

Inside Edmund's ward, Rhys and his wife Eunice had come to visit Edmund. A few days earlier, while Terence was absent, Eunice had "helped" a lot in the business.

But the capabilities of this couple were quite limited. They had intended to take this opportunity to impress everyone with their stunning performance. Unfortunately, they didn't expect that they would lose quite a lot of money, let alone make any profit.

In order to prove that she was a virtuous woman and that she was still helpful in other places, Eunice decided to visit Edmund at the hospital every day without fail.

It was delightful news that Terence and Carla had gotten divorced.

After the issue related to Lucy and the incident that occurred during the ancestor worship activity, Eunice had been cautious to keep a low profile.

Now that there was such a good opportunity, she had to exploit it to its utmost to put up a good show.

"Sir, Mr. and Mrs. Terence An have just arrived to visit..."

the butler said to Edmund.

"Really? Let them in, right away."

When Edmund heard that Terence and Carla were coming, he sorted out his clothes and sat down neatly.

Eunice stood up and moved to the side.

At this moment, at the distant end of the doorway.

"Terence, here you are. When did you return, Carla?"

Rhys, who was standing at the door, greeted them.

"You're also here, brother. I'm delighted. I came back yesterday," Carla replied politely.

When they entered, Terence said to the butler, "Would you be kind enough to fetch a chair for my wife?"

The butler nodded and looked around. At last, he took the chair that Eunice had sat on earlier and offered it to Carla.

Eunice was visibly annoyed by the butler's actions, but she decided to stay silent about it.

'What's wrong with them? Didn't they just get divorced? Why did Terence bring her here? Doesn't she get anyone else to accompany her?' thought Eunice.

"Dad, are you feeling better?"

Carla greeted and sat down.

"Yes, I'm much better now. The doctor seemed hopeful that I'd be able to leave the hospital after this month. What about you? When did you get ba

"Thanks, father. I'm fine. You're the patient here," Carla answered with an awkward smile.

She was here to visit Edmund. How could she occupy his bed now? Wouldn't that be too selfish of her?

"Well, Terence, the work in the company is almost done. What I've learnt from your report is that your work is satisfactory. You should spend more time with Carla. A pregnant woman is highly emotionally unstable. Don't make her angry. She needs constant support.

By the way, invite all the famous chefs in JA City, especially the top three chefs to the Seaview Villa. Carla, you can ask them to prepare whatever suits your taste. They'll be at your service at all times.

One more thing, go and ask the senior nutritionist we had met last time to customize a diet for Carla immediately!"

standing beside the bed, Edmund commanded excitedly while thinking about what else he could do to help Carla.

"Okay, I'll ask someone to take care of everything."

Terence accepted all of them happily, and his eyes were full of happiness.

Eunice, who was standing next to him, was stunned. 'How could this be?

Carla is back and she is pregnant?

Wasn't it the rumor of the town that she had difficulty conceiving and might never get pregnant? What the fuck have the doctors done? Didn't they promise that Carla won't get pregnant? How is she achieving pregnancy again and again?

When I was pregnant with Eric, I wasn't treated this way. They only hired two servants to take care of me and arranged a good hospital. How could Carla be entitled to a preferential treatment now?' she thought angrily.

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