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   Chapter 777 Two Lines On The Stick

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10096

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"Oh, alright, I'll go see a doctor. But I want to go to the hospital where father is at so that I can pay him a visit as well,"

Carla told him. Now that she was back, she thought that she should pay Edmund a visit for Terence's sake even though she really didn't want to see him at all.

After all, he humbled himself and knelt down in front of her, last time.

If she kept on holding a grudge against him, it would make her seem petty.

"Okay. You go get changed first while I'll get everything ready," Terence replied, nodding his head. Just in case something were to happen, he wanted the hospital to be informed in advance. That way, they would be able to get their department of gastroenterology, gynecology and obstetrics ready.

So that morning, Carla and Terence headed toward the hospital together.

"What do you say we drop by and say hi to Dad first before getting ourselves checked?"

Carla suggested the moment they arrived at the hospital. For some reason, she was suddenly feeling much better.

"No, he's gonna be just fine. Let's have a check-up first then we'll visit him when we're done." Grabbing Carla's hand, the two of them headed upstairs. The doctors from different departments were already there awaiting their arrival.

As she glanced at Terence, Carla cleared her throat before reminding him, "Terence, I don't want you to get your hopes up. I... I'm not very likely to get pregnant. I'm scared that you might end up disappointed."

At that moment, she was worried that the higher his expectation was, the more disappointed he would be in the end.

She was thinking that it might have just been a simple gastroenteritis or something.

Hearing this, Terence couldn't help but laugh as he looked down at her. "Carla, you don't have to worry about me. I can accept whatever the result is. All I want is to make sure that you're alright. That's really the only thing that matters to me. If anything else comes up, we'll just have to deal with it,"

Terence said, telling her exactly what was on his mind.

For as long as he could make sure that she was safe and sound and staying in his arms, there wasn't anything else he could ever ask for. An unexpected surprise was, by no means, more important than her well-being.

Without saying anything else, Carla simply nodded her head, feeling somewhat relieved. What scared her the most was the possibility of disappointing him after getting his hopes up.

"Mr. An and Mrs. An, this way, please."

It was the doctor in charge of this floor himself who escorted them, waiting in front of the elevator.

"Mrs. An, please feel free to tell me every symptom that you have noticed so that I can give you a proper diagnosis. You don't need to feel embarrassed whatsoever,"

the doctor calmly told her.

After trying to remember all of the things that happened, Carla told him everything about her recent symptoms.

When he discussed this with Terence over the phone, the doctor originally thought that Carla might just

the same time, she also felt at ease. Thank God, their efforts had finally paid off.

She looked up at Terence to check how he was taking all of this.

But Terence just kept on staring back at her, feeling so surprised and extremely excited. They felt so blessed to be given the chance to have another baby!

"Terence? Will you please help me up?"

Seeing the look of surprise on Terence's face, Carla couldn't contain her laughter as she reached out her hand to him.

Terence managed to get a grip somehow. Ever so carefully, he helped her sit up and then wrapped his arms tight around her. "Carla, do you still remember what I said back then? This day will come sooner or later!"

"Well, aren't you a bit too excited? It's not like it's the first time that I'm having a baby," Carla told him, putting her hand over her belly.

Then, she glanced at him, looking so pleased.

"I know that, but I was not there with you when you were pregnant with Sally. This time, I must protect you and our baby at all costs!"

Terence said, sounding so resolute.

It was his mistake that caused her to have a miscarriage during her first pregnancy. And that was where everything started going south.

The second time around, she was unfortunately washed away by the flood, drifting into the mountains a thousand miles away where she gave birth to their daughter.

This time, he swore to her that we would take good care of her and would not let her go through any more suffering no matter what.

His dear Carla, she had already been through so much. That should be more than enough.

Terence was extra careful as he helped her take the medicine and gently told her, "Carla, we should go home right away. The smell of the disinfectant in the hospital is too strong. I'm worried that you might feel sick if you inhale too much of it."

"I'll be just fine. Since we're already here, I want to drop by and pay Dad a visit,"

Carla said, wearing a great big smile on her face as she gave him a wink.

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