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   Chapter 776 Vomited After Eating

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9719

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Then, seemingly out of the blue, Carla heard Terence groan.

Terence turned to her and stated in a teasing tone, "Honey, can you choose another spot to bite me?"

Carla was so angry that she didn't care where she was biting him. When she finally took a closer look at his broad chest, she found out that there were huge teeth marks in the middle.

Then, she wiped the saliva from her mouth and pushed him away. "Terence, didn't you say that you wouldn't lie to me again?

How dare you hide such a serious matter from me? How dare you?!" Carla shouted at Terence with so much anger coming out of her.

Terence grabbed her wrist, looked down at her, and smiled. He then softly said, "Carla, just give it a second thought, okay? How could I possibly agree to divorce you so easily? Did you think about that?

It was not easy for you to come back to me. It was clear that it would be hard for me to win you back. It's just impossible for me to let you go."

Carla glared at him and said, "Are you saying that I'm too naive?"

"Kind of?"

Terence said with a smile. His grin just grew wider when he looked at Carla who was certainly pissed off by his words.

"Te... Terence!!!"

Carla screamed his name, emphasizing each syllable as she gnawed her teeth. Then, she furiously got up from the bed and walked towards him on tiptoe so she could pinch his neck.

Terence didn't dodge. Instead, he just wrapped his arms around her waist. He knew that it was better for her to vent that anger on him.

She didn't have the heart to hurt him, of course. But she couldn't control her rage whenever she would think about how dejected she had been in the past weeks and days. She didn't expect that she had just been deceived by her own supposed "husband". Even though his intentions were good, she still couldn't help but feel irritated.

"Carla, don't be so upset. It's very late right now so why don't we go to sleep for now? If you're still angry with me tomorrow, I'll let you do whatever you want to me, okay?"

Terence gently said while he wiped the tears that were threatening to fall from her eyes.

Carla just continued to glare at him as if she could poke a few holes on his face with her eyes.

Terence laughed one more time and inched his face closer to hers so he could kiss her gently.

She avoided his kiss and just continued to glare at him.

She thought, 'Since I don't have the heart to strangle him, I can express my anger with my eyes.'

Terence looked at her face and couldn't help but laugh because to him, she just looked really cute, trying to be mad at him. He held her face and said, "Don't look at me like I'm a heinous murderer."

"Aren't you? In fact, you're even more unforgivable than murderers. Most killers would only hurt strangers but you hurt me. Aren't you supposed to care about me? How could you treat me like this?!"

Carla exclaimed while she rais

something wrong with the duck soup I ate yesterday?

No, it shouldn't be the case. Any food cooked by Sophie has always been very clean. Besides, I have never eaten anything that she cooked which made my stomach hurt. What is going on this time?'

"What's wrong? Are you having a stomachache?"

Terence walked over and looked at her worriedly. He thought that she must have vomited again.

"A little bit. I don't know what's wrong with me. Yesterday, I vomited while I was full and now, I also want to throw up but I'm hungry." Carla touched her chest and looked up at Terence in the mirror. He was a little stunned.

"Honey, are you⁠—"

Terence started to ask but he couldn't finish his sentence. He hadn't thought much about it yesterday because he was too caught up in the idea that she just ate too fast and too much.

But that morning, she felt uncomfortable again. Was it possible that she was pregnant?

"Don't overthink about it. You haven't touched me recently. Even if I'm pregnant, the baby is not yours," Carla jokingly said. She knew that he was thinking about something ridiculous.

"You are wrong though. We did have sex recently. It was only one time but it happened."

Terence said while he raised his eyebrows. He clearly remembered what happened that night.

"Do you think it's possible? We've had sex so many times before but I failed to get pregnant. We just did it once recently, so it's not possible, right? I guess what I ate yesterday just doesn't agree with me,"

Carla said in a skeptical tone. She thought that it was impossible for her to get pregnant because they only had sex one time recently.

"No matter what, let's go to the hospital for a checkup. If you're not sick, then that would be best!" Terence said to Carla, trying to stop his own imagination from running wild.

"Go and get changed. I'll take you to the hospital."

They'll know the truth after the examination.

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