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   Chapter 775 The Divorce Certificate It Was Fake.

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"Stop acting as if you don't get what I'm saying. You know what I mean. Of course I want to marry you again,"

Terence said, holding her tight in his arms. "Carla, there's no use trying to negotiate with me. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to ask Rainer to go to school to take care of Sally's records, and then you and Sally are going back with me."

As she closed her eyes, Carla let out a soft sigh and said, "Terence..."

"Just give it a rest already. Don't think that I'll change my mind just because you called me honey. I've made up my mind this time."

Pinching her cheek, Terence turned down her request.

The following morning

"Dad, Mom, are we going home today?"

Sally asked Terence and Carla who were standing right next to her as she watched their luggage being hauled into the truck.

"Yes, we are. Does that make you happy, Sally?"

Lifting her up, Terence carried her to the limo and put her on his lap, rubbing her little face which was filled with excitement.

"Yes, it does! I miss Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Kaylee, Uncle Sean, Cody and Aunt Violet. I miss everyone!"

"Once we get back home, you'll finally be able to see all of them again," Terence said with a great big smile on his face, shooting Carla a glance.

Looking outside the window, Carla rested her chin on the palm of her hand and couldn't help but feel so downcast. It had been a month since she started living in BH City, and now they had to leave so soon.

She originally thought she would be staying here for a while.

"Try not to look back. If you really want to be with them, I will come here with you after a couple of days..." Terence said as he sat beside her and held her hand.

Hearing this, Carla breathed out a sigh of relief. Then, she looked at him and asked, "How is Father doing? Is he feeling any better?"

Nodding his head, Terence replied, "His condition is improving little by little and he's still under observation in the hospital, but he's gonna be alright."

With that, the car gradually drove away from the residential area and headed straight for JA City.

By the time they arrived at JA City, it was already late in the evening.

Terence brought Sally straight to her bedroom so she could sleep. It was a good thing that Sophie had already cleaned the room before they arrived.

After being on the road for the entire day, Carla wanted to go back to her room, feeling so tired.

That being said, she headed toward Sean's room instead.

As soon as they arrived, Carla asked Sophie about him, and she told her that Sean had only come home once this month.



the divorce certificate doesn't even exist." It was only then that Terence was finally able to let out a sigh of relief. He felt a little bit better after the divorce certificate was torn apart.

Despite knowing full well that the proposal wasn't real, just the thought of divorcing her was enough to make him feel so uncomfortable.

Upon hearing Terence's answer, Carla quickly sprung up from the bed and grasped his shirt. "Terence, what the heck do you mean by that? Say it to me clearly!"

"It just means that our divorce certificate is fake,"

Terence said with a wide grin on his face, looking at Carla who seemed to be fuming with anger.

Be that as it might, he still felt that seeing her angry was much better than seeing her acting so depressed.

Carla remained silent for a few seconds, wondering how it could have happened.

No wonder she felt that something seemed to be quite amiss when they went to the Civil Affairs Bureau. She was so confused before. Now everything made perfect sense. The Civil Affairs Bureau they went to was fake. But how could that even be possible?

In fact, she even remembered seeing a lot of people going through the divorce process too.

'Was all of that fake as well?' Carla was starting to get more and more confused.

Normal people might not be able to pull something like that off. But Terence was far from normal. So, who could say for sure what he was really capable of?

He could probably even make his own City Hall if he wanted to and no one would ever get suspicious of him, let alone the Civil Affairs Bureau.

With this thought running in circles in her mind, Carla suddenly yelled out in anger. Then, she pulled Terence onto the bed, ripped his shirt off and bit him!

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