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   Chapter 772 Go Back With Me (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6062

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Hesitating for a while, she nodded her head and thought, 'Well, ten days couldn't be that bad. I've tried my very best to get as much time as I need.'

"And, what about you? Are you going to leave now or tomorrow morning?" Carla asked curiously.

Terence gave her a glance, kissed her lips, and then said, "I'll go first thing in the morning. It's a good thing that Nathan is already there. He will be the one to help me control the current condition of the company, for the time being."

"Carla, are you really certain that you are not going back with me tomorrow?"

Terence took a shot in asking after taking a deep and nervous breath.

But as a reply, Carla only shook her head.

"Why the hell are you so stubborn? Is there really nothing I can do to change your mind? Carla, I miss your body, I miss you... " Terence's eyes then twinkled meaningfully as he looked at her. Reading what her husband was thinking of, Carla only remained indifferent as she was not that into it. After all, she had been keeping her guard up against him and kept him at a distance, except for that one night.

Although he had been allowed to sleep in the same bed with her, his behavior had been strictly limited. Many intimate acts were forbidden, along with the fact that he would not be able to touch her body so easily.

"Why don't we talk about it once we get married again. What do you think?"

Curling up her lips, Carla then turned around as she walked into her room.

There was only this one time when Terence nearly forced her to have sex with him which only happened all because he acted too fast on his desire. Carla didn't even have enough time to dodge him as she was not that prepared for him.

If it were really that easy for him to sweep her off her feet again and again, then what is the meaning o

home to Terence was not an option at that point for she could not yet get past the barrier.

Was it really because of Susan or Edmund? No, it was because of herself!

Meanwhile, as soon as Carla got home, Andrea called her.

"Callie, are you still in BH city?"

Time passed by so quickly that Andrea had thought to make this call much earlier.

But Bonnie was back home with her. She came back so suddenly and was working on the processing of the divorce papers with her foreign husband. And that was the reason why Andrea wasn't able to call her in time.

Not knowing how to explain her current situation, Carla just took a deep breath and answered, "Yes, Mom..."

"Great! I'm also in BH city now. Send me your address and I'll get a taxi to come see you,"

Andrea suggested.

Taken aback, Carla replied, "Wait, what did you just say? You're also here??" she asked

"Of course. My silly girl, why didn't you tell me about what had happened between you and Terence. It's such a big thing and you should have informed me! Now, tell me your address. I've already left the airport."

If Andrea hadn't asked the An family about Carla's divorce in person, then she wouldn't have ever known!

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