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   Chapter 771 Go Back With Me (Part One)

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Meanwhile, Terence opened the door and gave Nathan, who was standing behind him, holding his breath.

"How sure are you that he's not just pretending to be sick?" with suspicion, Terence asked.

"Quite frankly, Mr. An, I don't think so. The butler said that your father had been very exhausted dealing with the mess in the company by himself,"

Nathan clarified. He tried to imply that Edmund really wanted to see Terence as soon as possible all because he was too weak to maintain his health and deal with the company problems.

Otherwise, how was he able to kneel down to his daughter-in-law regardless of his health status?

"Terence, I think that you should not doubt your father anymore. Just go see him. Take a look at how he's doing. He must be in dire need to see you now! You don't really want to have any regrets for this, do you?"

Carla said as she tried to convince Terence to set aside his suspicions about his father. In her opinion, she could not see why Edmund would set up a trap for them this time. And no matter whether his claims were true or not, she found it necessary that Terence at least visit him.

During that time, there was no visible evidence that Edmund didn't look very well. And on top of that, he had already risked his credibility the last time he lied to both Carla and Terence. Given that fact, the possibility that he would play the same cheap tactic again was almost slim to none.

Upon hearing what his estranged wife had just said, Terence looked at her and nodded, "Okay. I guess I could go and check up on him. I will have Rainer stay here."

"Okay, now that's better. You'd better go ahead. Don't worry about Sally and me. We are safe here and we can take good care of ourselves. In fact, you should be the one to t

calm down for a while.

"Carla, I can give you one more week to have your own space and time to consider all things, but after that, you will need to come home with me. It's time to go back to handle the company affairs, and I can't do it without you! In which case, I'll come and pick you up in a week, okay?"

Terence stepped back as he cupped her face with his hands.

Thinking about his conditions, Carla spoke, "But that's just a week. Can you just please give me one more month?"

"No, what I can only spare you is one week." Terence refused to give in to her plea. Raising her chin, he kissed her on the lips and said, "Come on! Carla, you know that without you around me, I would definitely be distracted, and would eventually be unable to deal with anything."

Terence really had enough of suffering the lonely nights without Carla around him.

"Half a month, please! I just need time to think this over!"

Carla insisted once more as she found that one week was not enough to think things through.

Rubbing her stubborn face, Terence sighed, "Okay, how about giving you ten days. That's the best I could do. I will personally pick you up after ten days! "

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