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   Chapter 769 Edmund's Visit

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The room was silent now.

Terence smiled smugly at her, but she didn't seem fazed by it all. She snorted, "Seriously?"

He sat on the carpet, with his hands on his knees, waving at her. "Come over."

"I'm not going to let you ride me." Carla stuck her tongue out before proceeding to keep her distance from him. She even took her shoes off and sat on the sofa, which was at the other end of the room.

When he saw that she didn't come over, he chose to approach her instead. He sat on the carpet right beside her feet and looked up. "Of course not, if any of us should be the horse, it'd be me."

Though he did say to Sally that Carla would be the horse this time around, he wasn't planning to punish her at all.

"Carla, come back with me." Terence held her ankle, looking up at her.

There was no way he'd let his family stay here in BH City without him, not again.

"And where will we go?"

She glanced up at him.

"Back to JA City,"

he responded, with no hesitation in his voice.

There was a pause and Carla removed her foot from his palm. She refused to look into his eyes. "Don't forget, Terence, We... we're still not... I'm not ready yet."

Though she was trying, Carla just couldn't forget about that night. She still needed time, time to accept what had happened and time to move on from it. To be with him now, it was an improvement from the last few times they had met, but she knew they still had a long way to go.

Terence took her hand and brought it to his chest. "You're my wife, Carla. If you want to stay here in BH City, all your life, or for the time being, then I say go for it. I'll give you all the time that you need." "I feel good about BH City. Sally's studying in a great school. Our house is fully decorated now. I... I intend to stay here,"

she said.

Time was truly their greatest ally. It was giving the couple time to adjust and grow in their mistakes. For the two of them, marriage was not a game to handle lightly. It was a porcelain glass that must be taken care of.

Even if nothing happened that night, it was still a big blow to their marriage. Since the problem was still on the verge of being solved and mended, she couldn't find herself going back to him just yet.

"What about me?"

Terence leaned against her chest and placed his arms around her waist, as if he was a child needing her love. All he wanted to do was hold her close and make everything better with just a snap of his fingers. Sadly, reality wanted otherwise.

Carla slid her fingers down his jawline, holding his face. "You should go back first. The AJ group can't survive without you. When Sally's on her winter holiday, I'll bring her to you for a visit... "

"No. I won't leave as long as you continue to stay here. I will st

After Carla walked back to her room, he didn't rush to eat. Instead, he took every second savoring his meal before walking over to Edmund.

"Is this the so-called divorce? From what I can see, you're both still together."

Looking around at the small house, Edmund couldn't help but feel warm and comfortable even if it wasn't as grand and luxurious as the Seaview Villa.

Terence lit up his cigarette, "Why? Here to mess things up again if things aren't to your favor?

You have no idea how hard it was to fix this, to fix what you've done to both of us."

Edmund sighed.

"Of course I know! The company lost 2.4 billion during your absence. I can't just leave it like that! I can no longer manage the company as I used to."

Edmund had put a lot of thought into his plan before he placed it into motion. Now, after one small miscalculation, the entirety of the plan backfired. Susan didn't get pregnant as he expected. The company lost millions.

And here he was, paying the price.

"Your brother isn't capable of running the company. He doesn't have your mind, your intricacy to detail. He doesn't know how to play with people, how to use them like you do...he couldn't maximize the company's resources."

Edmund leaned back, rubbing his forehead. After his son left, it felt like the company was just a plantation of disasters. Problem after problem, he felt as if they were an endless field of weeds.

Terence took a long drag. "It's not that bad. If the company continues operations, it still has ten years left. Still enough time to find a solution."

"What? Terence, you have to come back. Stop this nonsense, please,"

Edmund begged. Though he was a prideful man, he had absolutely no choice. The company and the family couldn't move forward without Terence. Without him, he might as well be ready for the downfall.

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