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   Chapter 768 Mom, Don't Hit Too Hard

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8679

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Carla stopped, but she didn't turn around immediately.

Steven walked over to her and smiled. "I know what you mean. I'm not as fragile as you think," he started.

"I will wait for you. I have plenty of time to wait for the day you'll see me as someone who could be with you. By that time, Terence would already be old and dead.

You, on the other hand... I'll still be waiting to be with you in seeing the maple leaves and painting the mountaintops."

There was something about Steven's first words that made Carla relax. Finally, it was as if all the puzzle pieces finally fell together for the man, and it was a first step to moving on.

However, she choked when the last part left his lips. Oh well, progress was still progress.

"Thank you, Steven, but I really do want to see you happy." Carla broke the long silence.

She fully turned around this time to face him. He still wasn't ready to give up on his feelings for her. It was going to be a long way till he'd finally understand what she originally meant with those words.

The rain was falling this time, roughly slapping onto the pavement. Carla held the umbrella tightly as she looked at Steven.

Getting drenched by the rain, Steven didn't look too disgruntled by the situation. Instead, from the look on his face, he was even excited.

Without another word, Steven took one last look of the woman he loved, turned around, and entered his car.

Carla sighed as the car finally left.

At that moment, her phone buzzed.

——I think I have found my own happiness.

Carla tried to get a hang of what he meant by that short text message, but from the looks of it, it was what it was. She'd only be confused even further if she continued to analyze it.

——Well, then I bless you with all my heart!

Carla started to think of all the women that he had ignored in the past, even the one who was constantly bullied by Grace. She had always thought that the girl secretly liked him back then.

Even now, Steven was still as handsome as before. There were still plenty of fishes in the sea that would go for him.

At the thought, Carla softly smiled, wishing that he'd find his own match in the future and be as happy as she was with hers.

She couldn't help but remember Johnny. The man also swore not to give up on her, but in the end, he changed his mind. Now, he had his own family with a gorgeous wife and an army of adorable children.

When it came to love, it was all about destiny. There were few who were strong to fight against it, even lesser who'd actually stick to that in the end. If i

ally happy, only lightly hitting him just to play the part, but Sally had no idea.

Carla's face flushed in embarrassment as she got off Terence's back, pulling her daughter off of him as well.

"Sally, I didn't really hit your dad. I was just playing around..."

Terence also stood up from the carpet and pulled his daughter into his arms. "Don't cry, my princess. Mommy's just playing around with Daddy to make you smile. I didn't get hurt at all. Mommy didn't really hit me. Besides, Mommy loves Daddy right? She wouldn't hit me."

"Really, Daddy? You weren't hurt?"

Sally sniffled.

"It doesn't hurt!" Terence smiled warmly, ruffling her hair.

His heart warmed at the sight of his daughter trying to protect him.

"How about this? As a punishment, your mom will be the horse, and I'll ride her this time. What do you think?"

After a moment of deliberations, Sally nodded seriously. This seemed fair.

"Okay, but you shouldn't be here to see it. How about you go back to your room and I'll tell you once we are done. What do you say?"

Terence lowered his voice, winking mischievously at Carla.

She was lost for words. 'What is that man up to? It's the afternoon! It's almost time for them to eat!' she thought to herself.

Carla wanted to stop Sally from leaving, but her daughter didn't seem to mind. She was already in the process of retreating into her room.

"Okay! I won't see. I'll leave now. But Daddy, don't tire mommy out if you ride on her! You have to be gentle!" She didn't say anything else as she turned around, and went off the play with her toys.

Nathan and Rainer, who were eavesdropping in their conversation, turned bright red at Sally's words and shut the door immediately.

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