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   Chapter 762 Going Through The Hanging Bridge (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-02-05 15:50

Meanwhile, the two were packing up their art materials when Steven said, "Here. Let me help you with that..."

He took the paint brush from her hand and then helped her move the paint shelf.

After collecting all of their painting equipment, Steven looked at Victor and said, "Victor, take the painting boards to the car. We'll just walk around in front and then we'll head straight home Don't worry! It won't be long."

"Copy that, Mr. Su!"

Victor replied with a bright smile on his face.

But to Victor, Steven's brief favor included a lot of hidden information. Understanding his boss without having to discuss it, all he knew was that he was happy that Steven finally had the guts to pursue Carla seriously.

Meanwhile, on a red maple path, Steven and Carla walked side by side as if they were romantic characters in a movie. Walking slowly, they would occasionally see some maple leaves swaying in the breeze. Everything was so romantic that it was such a perfect and beautiful scene.

But little did they know that Terence was behind them, walking alone with his hands inside his pockets as he secretly tailed them. Nobody could tell what he was thinking, as his face looked so twisted that no one had the right words to describe how he looked.

"Nathan, this is just too sad. Look at Mr. An. He looks so pitiful. Oh what a tragedy this is,"

Rainer said to Nathan as he looked at Terence. In Rainer's arms, Terence's daughter was holding a lollipop while her eyes sparkled with innocence and purity.

"Rainer, how about we make a bet?" Nathan said unexpectedly.

"Okay, but what do you want to bet on?" Rainer asked as he scratched his head in confusion.

"Let's tak

he walked towards her and reached out his hand.

Still full of hesitation, Carla mindlessly grabbed his hand.

"Don't be afraid. Take a step forward. It's going to be okay. I know that the bridge is shaky, but it's not dangerous. Just relax and you'll get used to it!" He tried to convince her as he grabbed her hand and led her forward.

At the same time.

There was a man who stood under the bridge, looking up at the two people walking hand in hand above him. With sadness starting to envelope his system, his handsome face became gloomy, just like how the sky was getting dark.

Nathan silently watched his boss' figure while the little girl in his arms had already fallen asleep with her head resting on his shoulder.

To keep her warm, Rainer took his coat off and wrapped it around Sally.

He could not help but heave a heavy sigh at the sight of Terence's face turning pale.

"Well, I guess it is time!"

"Time for what? What do you mean by that?"

Rainer asked as he looked at Nathan with surprise on his face.

Glancing back at him, Nathan replied, "I mean, Mr. Terence is about to take action."

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