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   Chapter 761 Going Through The Hanging Bridge (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5788

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"As a matter of fact, Nathan, Mrs. An has so may pursuers that I have even lost count of them! She has Johnny, Noah, and now even this young man named Steven from the Su family seems to be very fond of her. And he is the son of the mayor of JA City!"

Rainer said as he handed over the juice to Sally, and added, "Well, that excludes Mrs. An's first-date lover. I heard that the man is really famous now and is even considered a super star."

"And do you know why? It's because men with good taste always share the same preferences when it comes to virtuous women,"

Nathan replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

After taking a glance at Terence who was carrying a telescope in front of him, Nathan walked up to him to engage in small talk.

"Mr. An, don't worry. Ms. Carla came here just to seek some inspiration for painting. We both know how much she loves to paint! After all, this place has such a lovely and picturesque view."

Nathan approached Terence as he tried to convince him.

He had been working for both Terence and Carla for a very long time that he already knew them well enough.

Terence was the kind of person who had his heart beat for only one woman in his life, and so did Carla.

"Yes, I know that the view here is just so incredible. And that's the thing, Nathan. That's what I'm actually worried about! Right now, Carla is with a strange man. They paint together, and talk about the things they are both interested in. Soon, they'll find this cozy hotel and check in after having a nice dinner. I... I can't imagine that happening!" Let me ask you something, Nathan. If your wife were staying alone with another man as we speak, would you be at ease?"

Terence snapped back at Rainer without he

t do you think?"

Steven persuaded Carla who sat next to him.

"Okay, I guess we could see a couple of other scenic views. But I still have a few maple leaves to paint. We can go after I finish them," said Carla as she nodded her head in agreement. Looking up the tree, she examined the leaves that were high up on the tree as to create a more realistic approach to her painting. Then, her head dropped right on to the canvas where she continued to paint.

Just as she finished her last stroke, she put down her brush and took a good look at her final product.

Upon seeing that Carla was already through with her artwork, Steven then walked over to Victor to ask him for assistance in taking away the painting board. "The leaves you've painted are all very romantic. Each of them seems different from the others! It's truly amazing what you did there, Carla!"

"Are you serious about that? Really?" Curious about her own painting, she also took a closer look at her art. Smiling, she said, "All right. Let's put it away for now. We don't want to be too late to see the sights in their most beautiful state! Lead us to the eye-popping sights!"

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