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   Chapter 756 Looking For The Same Person In The Same Cold Night

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"The truth is that Mr. Terence did not want any of that to happen. In fact, he couldn't even remember anything from that night because he was in a state of daze. He was heavily drugged. His heart and mind have not changed. For him, there has only been one woman in his life and it's you.

So, Ms. Carla, do you really think it's that unforgivable? Do you think it's enough for you to never come back to our boss?"

Nathan took a deep breath and slowly continued, "I'm not sure if this will appease you but for the longest time, Mr. Terence didn't come to see you because he was still in shock of what happened. He's not in the mood to work or do anything at all. All he wants to do for so long is try so hard to remember what happened that night. Last night, he even got in a huge fight with his father and he even said that he would disown sir Edmund. Can you imagine that?

Ms. Carla, to tell you the truth, Mr. Terence has never betrayed you both in mind and body. I hope you can consider this very seriously and give him another chance. For the sake of everything that the two of you went through? For Sally's sake? Please?"

Carla could only sigh and say, "Nathan, I understand what you're trying to say.

But what you fail to consider is that the only thing your CEO's father wants is a grandson, a future heir of the AJ Group. And as more time passes by, he is getting more and more impatient in getting what he wants. And I think you already know that because of my physical condition, I can't give that to him.

If your CEO has to make a choice between me and AJ Group, we both know that he would choose the latter one without a second thought. So, patronize me for a while. Let's say, I forgive Terence for this. I come back to him and all of that. What happens next?

I would still have my physical condition and it would still be hard for me to conceive again. And after half a year, two years, or even three years, and I still fail to give birth to a boy for the An family, then we would only go back to where we are today. Don't you think so?"

At that moment, the cold wind of the late autumn blew, making everyone feel colder and lonelier.

During that time, Rainer took Sally to the corridor so they could be protected from the cold wind.

"Mrs. Carla, please trust me that Mr. Terence won't make the same mistake." Nathan tried to plead once again.

"I understand but please return the favor and understand me as well. I'm the one who is under pressure here. I was the daughter-in-law of the An family and Terence's wife. I was the one responsible for giving birth to children for him so the family could have an heir that will inherit the business after Terence's time is over."

Carla closed her eyes and put on a bitter smile. She continued, "But no matter what I do, I can't fulfill that responsibil

de her electric scooter out of the neighborhood.

The cold wind of late autumn blew on Carla's face and it bitterly hurt her.

She had once searched for the same person on a similar electric scooter on a similar cold night.

However, Carla knew that it was different this time. If there was one thing that was the same as that night, it was that Carla didn't want anything to happen to Terence.

A few years ago, she cared for the man very deeply. What was more this time when they had already been through so much?

Even if she divorced him and pushed him away, she couldn't deny that she still had so much love and care for him. And that just made it more painful.

After parking the scooter in front of a parterre, Carla looked around.

Although there had been some changes during the past four or five years, the parterre didn't change a bit.

After looking around for Terence everywhere, she sighed in disappointment. She thought that he would still be here, but it seemed like she was wrong.

Nathan had told her that Terence had been missing since yesterday. Even if he had been here, how could it be possible for him to stay here since last night without moving at all?

Carla couldn't help but glance at the parterre that Terence once stayed under several years ago.

But it turned out that it was no longer buried under the hibiscus tree.

The night was cold and dark as ink.

Carla was suddenly feeling like an idiot. She came here in the middle of the night in the bleak chance that she would find him in this old place.

She turned around and hopelessly walked to her electric scooter.

"It's late. What are you doing here?"

Carla, who was about to get on the scooter, was stunned when she heard a familiar voice.

She turned around.

She saw Terence, who was walking out of the corner and was coming towards her with his hands in his pockets.

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