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   Chapter 755 Is Mr. Terence Missing

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Meanwhile, in a hotel on the other side of the city, Nathan and Rainer had just arrived on the front desk. They got up very early to get there but soon enough, they found out that Terence wasn't there anymore.

"Nathan, why didn't sir Terence take anything with him?"

Up to a certain point, they could understand why Terence didn't ask them to come along. But the man didn't even bring his wallet or his phone.

Rainer looked at what had been Terence's bed on his stay there. His wallet and cell phone were all lying on top, disregarded. He didn't take anything with him. They started to wonder how Terence could eat, drink, or live without his resources.

"Don't you understand? This might be his exact purpose. This might be sir Terence's strategy."

Nathan took the wallet on the bed and opened it. He saw that his bank cards and IDs were all inside. He really didn't take anything with him.

'Looking at the situation on hand, Mr. Terence must have gotten up very early today. Where could he have headed?' Nathan thought.

Around the same time

at the gate of the furniture store, Carla was starting to realize that the scene in front of her was very familiar. She was taken back to the first few months that she met Terence. That was the time when they were just starting to get to know each other.

How persistent and nice he was to her before. How he never stopped trying to win her affections. And in the end, she inevitably fell head over heels for him.

"Carla? What are you thinking about? Hello? Are you still here?"

Terence waved his hand in front of her and then held her hand tightly. He said, "Let's go. I'm a little hungry. I'll cook for you when we get home."

Then, with her hand still in his, he tugged at her a little so they could walk over to the car parked on the other side of the road.

But before he could take even a single step, Carla pulled her hand away from him.

"Terence, I'm doing very well right now. My life is how I want it to be. I'm completely contented with everything I have. So can you please, please stop bothering me? I beg you, leave me alone."

Carla stated while she lowered her head. Without looking into his eyes, she continued, "If you want to see your daughter, I can fulfill that wish. But I hope you can recognize the fact that we're already divorced. Except when it comes to Sally, we have nothing to do with each other anymore."

Terence looked at her and said, "Carla, if it isn't clear by now, you should know my intentions. I don't want to leave you and I've never thought of divorcing you."

"But it doesn't matter now, Terence! We're divorced, you can't change that!"

All of a sudden, Carla looked up at him, her eyes glistening with tears that threaten to fall anytime soon. Then she raised her voice and continued, "Although it wasn't you who hurt me, I can't stay by your side anymore.

That's the truth and you have to learn to live with that. Just like what I have been doing."

Carla took a deep breath and looked away from him. "You know, your father ma

ent to see Karen. Since then, she hadn't seen Terence at all.

Nathan and Rainer exchanged glances with each other when they heard Carla's words.

"Ms. Carla, we haven't seen our boss since yesterday. And there isn't any information from our counterparts in the city that he has returned to JA City,"

Nathan worriedly said.

Rainer added, "Yes, Mrs. Carla, do you really have no idea where Mr. Terence is? He didn't bring anything with him. He left all of his bank cards, IDs, and wallet. Oh god, where could he go by himself without any resources?"

Carla comforted, "You two need to relax. He is a strong man so he will be fine. Maybe he'll come back on his own when he's done doing whatever he needs to do."

However, Rainer shook his head and said, "That would be a little out of character for sir Terence. He had never done anything like this. Well, except when you disappeared four years ago. Well, I mean, he has never acted like this."

"Ms. Carla, May I have a word with you alone?"

Nathan asked, looking at Sally who was quietly listening to the adults.

Carla nodded and they went to a park nearby.

"Mrs. Carla, there is something that I'm not sure whether I should tell you or not," Nathan gently stated.

"Is there anything you're afraid of telling me? No matter what it is, just tell it to me straight."

Carla responded to Nathan while she tried to examine his facial expression.

Nathan lowered his head and sighed, "Mrs. Carla, please forgive me for my straightforwardness.

But since it has come to this. Let us set aside our personal feelings and look at it from a different perspective. If one day, while you're still with Mr. Terence, you find yourself with another man. In this situation, let's say you weren't willing to. For example, you don't have love for the man or you were forced to do it. I can guarantee with absolute certainty that sir Terence will never divorce you for it.

Nor would he alienate you because of it. He would forgive you and just go after the other man."

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