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   Chapter 753 I Just Want To Stay With You For A While

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10049

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"Really? When will you go back to JA City?"

Andrea asked, with a little bit of sadness on her face.

A little nervous of what she would say, Carla scratched the window unknowingly and replied, "Mom, it's not easy for me to come all the way here and I want to stay for a few more days. I'll just call you when I'm back."

"How many more days will you stay there? Didn't Terence urge you to come back?" Andrea asked again.

Terence had been very reluctant to let her stay at her mother's house before. And now that Carla had decided to stay in BH City, Andrea didn't believe Terence would agree to it.

"Actually he... he has been very busy recently. With all the things that have been happening in the company, he has to deal with a lot of work. And besides, if I decide to go, he can't stop me from doing so,"

Carla said after heaving a heavy sigh.

"You're right about that. But Callie, you are his wife, and maybe you could give him a little bit more of consideration regarding your decisions. I know you, and it's not really good of you to be so stubborn.

We both know that Terence is a very busy man. He goes home late at night with the hopes of finding you at home and spending more of the little time you two have left before he goes back to work. Come back here as soon as you are done there!"

Andrea tried to persuade Carla with all of her patience.

Anxiously biting her lower lip, Carla replied, "Okay, I know."

She then hung up the phone and sighed slightly.

Standing beside the window for a while, she felt the cold air swish in the corridor. Freezing in the weather, she shrank her shoulders and wrapped her coat tightly around her body for added warmth. After that, she went on to continue selecting the furniture she needed.

After all, that was the task that she needed to accomplish that day.

But as Carla turned around, she bumped into a warm and broad chest which was right in front of her face.

Seeing that chest, she already knew who it belonged to, even without looking up to see the person's face.

It hadn't been in Terence's plan to show up in front of her, but he wasn't able to help himself.

Afraid of the cold and freezing weather, she usually stayed at home to avoid the chilly air. But when Terence saw her alone, he felt a sting in his heart for he could not bear to see her looking sad and depressed.

"Why are you here?"

Carla looked up and asked while she struggled out of his arms.

"I came to see you and our daughter. I miss you terribly, Carla,"

Terence said gently as he touched her face and looked at her with affection. "Carla, please let me stay with you for a while. Would that be okay with you?"

But to his dismay, Carla only stepped back to avoid his touch and said, "Sorry, I'm a little busy right now. If you want to see our daughter, you can meet her after school."

Hearing that, Terence then whispered a few words in her ear in a soft voice. Trying to convince Carla was a tough move for Terence, but he w

o sleep in,"

Terence said as he changed his tone immediately.

Carla glanced at him and thought he was right.

Changing her mind, she then walked towards the section of the queen sized beds, which were able to accommodate two people comfortably.

Seeing Carla have given up her first choice and changed her mind, Terence was a little relieved. Her room might not be that spacious, but it could definitely hold a 1.8-meter bed.

But for someone who had been used to sleeping on big beds, the 1.5-meter bed was still a little small for him.

"That's enough. The bed is my private item. I can choose it myself, and it's none of your business anyway. I don't need any suggestions from you on this,"

Carla said as she realized that she had just fallen into another one of his traps and decided to make decisions for herself on the matter.

In the end, she really wanted to choose a 1.5-meter bed. She also intended to put a drawing board in her room. To spare a little more room for entertainment, she found it unnecessary to buy a bigger bed.

Giving up on making any more decisions for her, Terence just smiled and shrugged his shoulders. He thought that although the bed was still small, it was enough for him to sleep on.

But there was still a bright side to the small size— winter was coming up and they would have to cuddle up together to stay warm.

Finally, Carla chose a wooden one with a simple and elegant design which fitted the furniture in the house well.

Meanwhile, Carla's phone rang again.

Taking out her phone, she wondered why there were so many calls for her today. But when she saw the number, she subconsciously looked at Terence.

While Terence was helping Carla select the table, he noticed the strange look on her face, and asked, "Why are you looking at me instead of answering the phone?"

As a reply, Carla raised her phone in front of him and looked at him with her eyebrows raised.

"It's from your father. Why is he calling me at this time?"

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