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   Chapter 751 Mommy, I Miss Daddy

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No matter what happens, Terence would still be Sally's biological father. Even if they did divorce, he still had every right to keep in touch with his daughter.

Besides, Sally had always loved her father. She'd be devastated if she wouldn't be able to see him.

Carla dialed the number before it was on speaker. She tilted her head towards her daughter. "Sally, daddy will pick up the phone later. You can talk to him about this."

With that being said, she turned back to the kitchen.

Jumping at the thought of speaking to her dad, Sally hovered around the table intently, eyes fixated on the small phone. When the ringing stopped, she peered delightfully at the screen only to be greeted by a sound, "Sorry, the subscriber you are calling cannot be reached at the moment. Please try your call later."

Sally's shoulders sagged in disappointment. "Mom!"

"What's wrong?"

Carla asked, poking her head from the kitchen.

She pointed accusingly at the phone, sniffling. "Daddy didn't answer the phone. A lady said that I couldn't be connected!"


Carla blinked, walking over. She picked up the phone before dialing his number all over again, only to find that the second call couldn't get through him either.

'Weird.' She dialed Rainer this time, only to be met with the same message.

Calling Nathan also brought the same results.

'Why were all their phones turned off?' Carla's eyebrows knitted together before shaking away the thought, looking up at her pouting daughter.

"Sally, maybe daddy's busy now. Let's call him tomorrow, okay?" Carla took the remote control and turned on the TV. The bright colors automatically removed the frown painted on the girl's face as she moved closer to the screen. "Come on, honey, let's watch some TV."

As the bright cartoons danced and sang on screen, the girl found herself entranced by the loud voices that she forgot all about the unanswered phone call.

Carla inched away from Sally before returning back to her cooking. The phone call didn't escape her mind. It was rare for Terence to turn off his phone, more weird that all three of them had their phones turned off. It was only off when he was on a meeting...'Was he?'

What she didn't know was that Edmund was blowing up his phone so much that Terence had to turn off his phone.

Although he had already made up his mind in not arguing with Edmund

nerves. But before he could enter the room, he couldn't help but overhear what his father had just said.

He held back his hand from knocking.

'What did dad just say?'

— 'Terence had divorced his wife?

How could that be?' Steven pondered to himself.

A couple of days ago, he had just seen Carla and Terence at a conference. They were clinging to each other as if their life depended on it, not letting each other go unless they needed to. They didn't look like a couple about to divorce.

Steven blinked, handing the midnight snack to the help, asking her to bring it to Gary.

He, then, turned back to his room.

Once he was already seated, Steven took out his phone and scrolled down on Carla's number. He had it saved for a long time, but he never really had the guts to call her.

It was the second time they met when Carla gave him her business card. He held it closely, typing the number in, but he never really got a chance to use it.

Now it was probably that chance.

Without another thought, he decided to give her a call.

In BH City, Carla tossed and turned in bed. Although she was still awake, she finally felt her eyelids start to droop. Just before she was about to fall asleep, her phone rang out.

Startled by the call, the sleepiness she felt drifted away as she sat up, grabbing her phone from the desk.

Seeing it was a call from a stranger, Carla hesitated before answering it.

"Hello, who's this?"

Carla yawned, tucking her sleeping daughter in the quilt. She later got out of bed, not wanting to wake her up from the phone call.

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