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In BH City, Carla had been busy with renovating their house in the past few days.

The fire had burned most of it down, so she needed to buy new furniture.

There was another bigger and better house for her to live in, but she didn't want to live there. Although the furniture was in an awful condition, she didn't want to replace them since they were the only things left by her foster parents for her and Sean.

It was very hard for her to let go.

With that, she decided to remodel the house.

She sent Sally to the nearby kindergarten. On weekdays, she had to drop her off in the morning and pick her up in the afternoon.

In the past, there was nothing to worry about since there was a driver to do those things for her. Now things were different.

Parents would wait for their kids, and when the bell rang, the children would dash toward their parents. That was what happened on a daily basis. With that in mind, she was satisfied with the set up.

She noticed that she hadn't been spending quality time with her daughter ever since she came back.

"Carla, are you back to taste the normal life?"

Although it had been five or six years, Aunt Jena was still hale, hearty, and still good at doing the dance.

It was easy for her to take care of things since she rented an apartment near the house that was under renovation.

"Exactly. I've experienced enough luxuries. I'm so tired of them to the point that I want to live here for a few days."

She smiled at Jena while holding the bag of groceries she had bought from the market earlier.

"Oh, Carla, you're the only girl who has manage to leave this neighborhood and live in the big city. The daughters of the families around here see you as their role model!"

Jena chuckled, "When I first met Terence, I noticed in an instant he came from a noble family. Now it turns out I'm right!"

Carla let out a heavy sigh.

People from this community who have met Terence were proud and even bragged to others that they were able to meet him.

They were honored to have met him in person.

After talking to Jena, she went upstairs.

As soon as she placed the groceries over th


She was too young to understand things such as unfaithfulness and divorce, that was why she couldn't find a way how to explain it to her.

Staying in BH City without his presence was too hard for them.

However, every time the thought of not being accepted by the An family crossed her mind, Carla believed that leaving was a good choice for her and Sally.

Edmund loved his granddaughter, but Sally could never compete with the future heir of the family, who had to be male.

"But I miss daddy now. I want to call him,"

Sally mumbled while fidgeting her fingers.

Carla took her hand and changed the subject. "You must be hungry, sweetie. Let me finish cook this delicious meal for you. How's that sound?"

"Mommy, aren't you with dad anymore?"

Sally pouted and stared at her mother with her bright eyes.

"In the former kindergarten, my classmate's parents were not together for a long time. That's why his mother brought him to a new father's house.

"Mom, I don't want a new dad. I want my daddy... "

As soon as she finished her words, she glanced at Carla with a pout and watery eyes.

Children were sensitive and fragile. Staying in BH City without her father for a long time, she was starting to get suspicious.

Looking at her cute little face, Carla hesitated for a while before standing up.

She took a deep breath to calm herself down. Then she took out her phone and dialed Terence's number.

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