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   Chapter 749 My Wife And Daughter Left Because Of You

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Seeing Carla so determined, Violet sighed. She knew Carla well enough and she knew there was no way she was going to convince Carla.

The next morning.

Carla went to Sally's school to fix her papers in withdrawing her enrollment from the school.

Violet accompanied her.

Cody's eyes turned red when he saw that Sally was about to leave. He put on a long face as he stared at Sally as if he didn't want her to leave.

"Auntie Carla, when can I see Sally again?"

Cody asked tearfully.

"Don't cry, Cody. Once we've settled down, I'll make sure Sally visits you on her free days," Carla replied, rubbing Cody's little head.

Then she stood up and said to Violet, "Violet, thank you for keeping me company these past few days."

Violet looked like she was amused by this. She glanced at Carla and said, "Well, we can never really tell with life. Maybe I'll ask for your help next time.

All right. Since you're leaving, you should hurry. If you arrive at BH City early enough, you can still get some cleaning done."

Carla nodded and stepped forward to hug Violet. "Violet, take care of yourself and your baby. Don't get bored without me around."

Violent couldn't help but be sentimental. Suddenly, her eyes were red too. "All right, it's time for you to leave. Tell me when you've arrived!"

Carla got on the cab with Sally, heading to the airport.

The mother and daughter left.

In the AJ building.

Rainer informed Terence of Carla leaving.

"Sir Terence, Ms. Carla has already officially withdrawn Sally from school. They've already returned to BH City..."

Terence seemed to freeze in response.

After a while, he slowly turned. He was sitting lazily on the sofa and he had just lit a cigarette. He took a long drag seemingly out of frustration.

"Sir, you have a meeting in 10 minutes,"

Rainer reminded him.

"Cancel it," Terence replied indifferently.

He looked out the window. No one could tell what was on his mind.

"Okay, how about the inspection scheduled this afternoon?"

"Cancel it."

Rainer was stunned upon hearing this. He just nodded and left.

'Looks like the boss isn't just cancelling his schedule today but also for the succeeding days, ' he though

r change!" Rainer grinned.

Terence had always been good to them. They were never short on days off. They both had their own cars and houses. Their annual salary was pretty good. Where else could they find a good boss such as Terence?

Nathan got in the driver's seat without waiting for Terence to respond.

Then Rainer opened the door for him and said, "Sir. Terence, please."

Soon, the three of them were already in the car.

Nathan started the car without even asking where Terence wanted to go.

Rainer asked in confusion, "Nathan, where are we going now?"

Nathan glanced at Terence who was silently sitting on the backseat. He'd worked for Terence for years. He had a pretty good guess where Terence wanted to be right now.

He rolled his eyes at Rainer and replied, "Are you an idiot? Can't you see that sir Terence's wife and daughter have left him? I can't believe you even have to ask where we're going! We're going to the BH City to get Mrs. An back!"

"Oh, I see. But they didn't really divorce right?"

Rainer asked in confusion, scratching his head.

Nathan eyed Rainer. He said, "Rainer, don't say that in front of her. If you don't know something, just let it go. Just stay still and behave. Just do your job, okay? Especially when we arrive in BH City."

Rainer nodded and said, "You can count on me!"

Although he didn't know much about love, he was good at following orders.

After that, they wasted no time as they headed to BH City.

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