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   Chapter 746 A Fake 'Divorce Certificate'

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In that moment, the counter was temporarily set up because time was too tight. Therefore, most of the projects in there were for single-use and it would be disposed of with minimum effort.

"It's none of your business. Go and get your money!"

Nathan exclaimed while he proceeded to approach Terence.

On the other hand, Terence smashed everything around him like an angry lion.

Nathan looked at Terence's enraged face and sighed.

It was impossible for Terence to actually divorce Carla. It was just unthinkable for him to do such a thing. So, he had someone set up the place overnight.

It was no wonder that so many people had come to get divorced or get married. All of them were actors who had been hired by Nathan.

Thanks to the technology nowadays, a fake divorce certificate could actually look more realistic than the real one.

However, Nathan knew that what Edmund had done had brought much trouble to Mr. Terence.

Nobody would have thought that it was his own father who would put some kind of drug into his son's drink. The drug clouded Mr. Terence's mind and he got very confused. What was worse, he had drunk a lot of wine before that so he couldn't even tell who was around him at all. Nathan could bet that if you asked Mr. Terence his name that night, he wouldn't even be able to answer correctly.

Because of that, things got more complicated. On one hand, Carla wanted a divorce. On the other hand, Edmund was his father so Terence couldn't do anything to reprimand his behavior.

In the end, it was Terence who had to take the burden of fixing everything all by himself.

"Where is Susan? What happened to her?"

Terence stopped smashing everything around him and gasped. He straightened up and coldly glanced at Nathan. If Nathan didn't know Terence, he would have gotten the chills from his look alone.

"No, she kept insisting on the validity of her original testimony. S-she said that that you treated her as your wife. She said that you kept on calling her 'Carla'. Then, everything that was supposed to happen, happened."

Nathan shakily stated while he lowered his head. His relationship with Terence did not stop him from being a little too afraid at Terence's voice.

Terence slowly closed his eyes and rubbed his temples a little too hard. No matter how hard he tried, he still couldn't remember what actually happened.

At that time, he couldn't control himself. He didn't know what he had done or what Susan had done to him. Only when the door had been kicked open did his consciousness recover a little.

In all honesty, he thought that it was Carla who slept beside him at that moment.

So, only Susan knew what exactly happened at that time.

"Mr. Terence, if I may say something, I don't think it's necessary to find out every single detail of the truth. We would never know what actually happened since only Susan can tell us what happened but I don't think we can trust her. What we should do is prevent the chairman from getting what he wants. What we know for sure with absolute certainty is that you didn't mean to do this. In your mind, the most important thing

l have a really hard time. Call your husband and ask him to come here.

If he can come over in person and kowtow to me three times by calling me Grandpa Henry, maybe I will let you go."

When he thought about the prospect of finally getting what he wanted, Henry laughed louder. It seemed like his dream was so close to coming true.

Looking at Henry who was grinning from ear to ear, Carla's lips slightly trembled and responded, "I'm afraid I can't do that. I just divorced him earlier. I came from the Bureau of Civil Affairs before you dragged me in here. As of now, Terence and I have nothing to do with each other.

So, Mr. Henry, it's too late for you to tie me up. I'm afraid, you have lost the best time to make use of me."

Hearing this, Henry couldn't help but grin as he raised one of his eyebrows.

"Are you kidding? Terence loves you so much. You're telling me that he was willing to divorce you? You wouldn't even be able to fool a three-year-old kid with that! Do you think I would be?"

Carla knew that he wouldn't believe her. She looked for her handbag and said, "You don't believe me, right? Go look through my handbag. The divorce certificate is in there. Then you will know that I'm not lying."

Henry was confused and asked one of his guys to check her bag.

Soon enough, the guy took out the purple divorce certificate from her bag.

The guy handed it to Henry and he immediately looked at it. The stamp of the Civil Affairs Bureau was clearly on it. It seemed like the seal was exactly the same as when he divorced his now ex-wife.

"But why did you get divorced so easily?"

Henry asked her with so much confusion on his face.

"Why do you have to know that? Do we really have to inform you of every single detail of what has been our marriage?"

Carla couldn't help but respond in sarcasm.

Henry walked around Carla and thought for a while.

"It doesn't matter. Even if you two are divorced, so what? I don't believe that he will really ignore you when it's a matter of life and death."

Then, Henry asked someone to contact Terence.

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