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   Chapter 745 Let Me Take Care Of Sally

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In all the time they were married, Carla had never mentioned the word 'divorce' to Terence.

Letting the words take shape and saying it out loud, divorce had become real. Once uttered, there was no going back. Nothing could have prepared her for the realness speaking it out.

As he heard the word come out of her mouth, Terence frowned. His surprise was evident on his face. "Carla, what did you say? I can't... I don't want to leave you!

You're wrong. I know I received a lot of inheritance from my parents, but I'll be damned. If it's between you and my father, I will always choose you!"

His father once said that Terence would always choose family. But now, faced with this decision between Carla and his family, he wouldn't even think twice. If it made him a bad son, then so be it.

And in his eyes, what his father had done was step over the line. Edmund had not only hurt Carla. He had hurt Terence, too.

"And what good would it do, choosing me? It doesn't matter whether you're willing to leave me or not. I've already made up my mind. Let's schedule an appointment to get our divorce certificate. Then you can give your father the grandson he has always wanted."

Sitting on the sofa and looking out of the window, Carla formed a bittersweet smile. Her arms were wound tight around herself as if she had to physically hold herself together. Each word was a barbed weapon that drove painfully into the chains of their relationship, tearing them apart and breaking her down.

The next second, Terence strode to her. With his chest against her back, he held her in his arms, tightly. He held her, as if his action could make her stay, as if it could keep them together. "Carla, I won't let you go. No matter how much you hate me, I won't let go."

Feeling powerless, Carla stayed still in his arms. A frown marred her features.

"Terence, you know me. There's no turning back once I made a decision."

"I will keep Sally with me. Let me take care of her. You don't have to give me anything. I don't care for your money or your family's property. Perhaps your father made the right decision. I probably would only have Sally in this lifetime. So please give Sally to me."

Carla pleaded, with her tone defeated.

She might not be able to have another baby in this lifetime, and it might be best if Sally stayed with her.

"Carla, this is nonsense. What are you talking about? "

Terence turned her around in his arms and stared into her eyes intently. "I don't want Sally. I want you.

I don't want anyone or any child or any heir. I just want you!"

st time.

Convinced that they were at the right place, Carla opened the door and stepped out of the car. No hesitations. All the bluster and bravado of a woman trying to keep it together.

Terence didn't try to persuade her again. They went straight to the divorce window.

"Guys, have you thought about this? You have gone through a lot of difficulties to be together. Even if there's a big reason behind you doing this, I still suggest reconsidering."

The staff tried to persuade her.

Carla didn't say anything. She silently handed her marriage certificate and other documents over to the staff.

The staff glanced at Terence. Only then did Terence put his documents on the table.

"... Carla, take care of yourself."

Terence lowered his head and signed on the agreement.

Hearing these words tore through the last thing holding her back. She couldn't help but bite her lips to hold back the tears. Tears that still found a way to stream down her face. Her chest tightened as she signed the document and gave it to the staff.

With an official stamp, the divorce certificate was handed over to Carla.

She had always thought the divorce certificate was green in color. The document they gave her was purple.

Perhaps divorce was no longer as taboo and frowned upon as it was before. Many people saw it now as another means to get a new life.

"Now that it's done, I'll leave first."

Carla stood up, thrust the certificate into her bag, and walked out.

But as soon as she left, Terence's calm façade shattered. He suddenly stood up and kicked over the count table.

"Mr. Terence! What's wrong? Did we make a mistake?"

The two employees stood up immediately and stepped back in horror.

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