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   Chapter 744 Divorce

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The sky was pure darkness.

The cool breeze of late autumn swept up the yellow leaves off the ground.

It blew more leaves from the trees, fluttering around in the air, landing on the ground, then carried up by the wind again, as if it destined them to roam with no permanent living place.

The chilly night didn't even affect Carla.

Sighing, she went to Violet's home.

Because she had nowhere to go.

"Carla? Why are you here? Why are you so cold? Be quick. Come in! "

Violet put on her pajamas and came out as soon as she saw Carla. "What... What happened?"

After entering the room, the expression of Carla frightened her. With that, she told the servant, "Mary, take Sally to bed first."

Thereafter, she took Carla's hand then dragged her into a quiet room. "Tell me what happened and I'll listen."

It was as if Carla became deaf all of a sudden.

"Carla, please don't be that way. A while ago, you were okay then now you look depressed."

She held Carla's hand with an anxious face.

Tears blurred Carla's vision. It was too hard for her to utter a word.

"We can't get along with each other this time," Carla said in a trembling voice.

Violet pondered over her words. "What? Do you mean you can't be with Terence anymore? How... how could it be possible?

You haven't been apart since those four years of separation. I don't think anyone or anything could make you two away from each other!"

Carla formed a bitter smile. "Violet, if you see William sleeping with another woman, will you forgive him?

Even if he has his own reasons or difficulties?"

'Terence must have thought Susan was me, so he protected her at the moment I turned on the light, ' Carla thought to herself.

As she remembered it, she could tell that Terence's mental state wasn't in proper condition.

But, what she had seen was enough f

it was because he really didn't expect his father would lie to him using his illness as an excuse.

No one would always be on guard against his own biological father.

Terence said nothing more, so he took a step closer to her. "Carla, please, let's go back home together."

Carla shook her head and sighed.

"We can't go back anymore. Terence An, although I don't seem to care about anything when I speak, but in fact, I do care about that. Your father has been forcing you to give me up since he has decided to set this trap for you.

So is there any reason for me to go back?

As long as I can't be pregnant with the heir of the AJ Group, he will keep forcing you. Even if I can forgive you this time, what about next time? This time he lied he was sick. What if he compels you with his life next time?"

Carla looked into the sky without looking back, then smiled. "Your grandfather and mother are dead, and you only have your father.

No matter how unreasonable he is, he would do anything just to make sure you're all good. So you can't leave him, but you can abandon me."


He wanted to say something, but she interrupted him.

"So, let's get a divorce."

She held her tears while heaving a sigh.

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