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   Chapter 743 You Ruined Everything

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10020

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Carla kept on knocking at the door but after doing so for a while and nothing was happening, she started to kick it!

However, the door was made of hard wood and it was very sturdy. How could she, a weak woman, be able to break it?

She stopped kicking the door and tried to figure out another way to get inside. It was in this state that the door opened on the other side.

"Carla, can you please stop that?!"

Edmund exclaimed.

"Father?" Carla uttered in surprise. Not for one second did she expect Edmund to be there. She thought he wouldn't be at home after making such a scene.

"But why..."

She asked in disbelief as she looked at Edmund. Then, Carla's eyes started to fill with tears because of too much anxiety.

Edmund, on the other hand, sighed and closed his eyes.

"Carla, you have to pretend that nothing has happened. As long as you don't get into a fight with Terence, you are still the prominent Mrs. An, the wife of Terence An. This fact will never change."

Carla bit her lip and asked after a while, "What do you mean? What do you mean, Father?"

Edmund slowly opened his eyes and said, "Carla, you're smart. You should know what I mean.

I advise you not to open that door. Otherwise, you will break your own heart."

Carla eagerly shook her head as a response.

"No way! That's impossible! Father, I know Terence very well. He won't do that! He would never dare to do that to me!"

With that, she slammed into the door once again. No matter what Edmund said to her, she still wanted to get in.

"Enough! You're right! Terence won't do that, but I have a few ways to force him. Carla, don't be so stubborn. You shouldn't bother yourself with this matter anymore. Just let it go!"

Edmund said while he turned around, ready to close the door on Carla.

Carla snorted. For the love of everything that was right in the world, she couldn't believe what he said at all. Terence would never do that to her. That was for certain. She completely trusted her husband.

"Rainer, help me kick the door!"

Carla shouted towards Rainer's direction.

Edmund sighed and waved his hand, gesturing the bodyguards that they didn't have to stop Carla and Rainer.

Rainer came over at once. "Mrs. Carla?"

"Kick!" Carla pointed towards the door. Rainer hesitated for a few seconds before actually doing what Carla ordered him to do.

Carla felt the door shake a little, but it didn't open at all.

Even though she knew there was a possibility that at the other side of the door, something could extremely hurt her, she had to find out. She had to see it with her own eyes, no matter what was behind that door. Unless she did so, she would never believe it.

Rainer took two steps back and gave the door a hard kick!

With a loud bang, the door finally opened!

But with the loud thud of the door, there was a scream from the inside.

As soon as her eyes landed on what was inside, Carla wanted to sob and cry and scream. She felt her heart break

d Eunice who quarreled with each other a lot in the beginning. But now, everything was fine for them.

While she was coming down the stairs, Carla almost fell down several times.

Sally, who was sleeping on the sofa was woken up by the noise just then. She rubbed her eyes and sat up.

"Mommy, what's wrong?"

Hearing her words, Carla turned her eyes to her daughter and slowly reached out her hand. "Sally, let's go."

Sally stood up obediently and walked towards her. "But Mom, it's so late now. Aren't we going to stay at Grandpa's house for one night?"

Carla sneered, her voice was as cold as ice, "Sally, from this moment on, you don't have a grandfather anymore."

"But Mommy—" Sally pouted, confused with what her mother had just stated.

"Sally, just this once, please be good and don't say anything. Let's just go, okay?" Carla interrupted her.

Then, holding her daughter's hand, Carla went out of the room and walked out of the East Yard.

Meanwhile, Nathan kneeled in front of Terence and slapped himself on the face.

"Mr. Terence, I'm sorry. It's all my fault!"

Terence rubbed his temples. He wanted to remember how all of this mess had happened. How did they get to this? But he realized that he couldn't remember anything at all.

"Nathan, send someone to follow Carla. But don't interfere with her. Make sure nothing bad will happen to her. Keep her safe."

When he saw that Nathan remained on the floor, Terence rubbed his forehead and called loudly, "Rainer!"

"Yes, Mr. Terence?"

Rainer responded with his head down while he approached Terence.

Terence glanced at the woman on the bed who was desperately covering herself with her clothes.

"Give her the medicine right now!"

Although he didn't know what exactly had happened, it was better to be safe than sorry. He needed to take damage control. Just in case they—

Anyway, the important thing was that he would not allow another woman to bear his child. It was only meant for Carla.

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