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   Chapter 742 Where Is Terence !

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In the manor's innermost room, Susan was inside, waiting for Terence, wearing quite a seductive nightgown. The moment she saw Terence being sent in, her face became red-flushed and she couldn't help but lower her gaze.

She didn't have much of a choice as she was forced into doing this.

It was Edmund himself who called her and asked her to come here after work to prepare everything for this.

Given the fact that she had received an order from him, Susan had been feeling so on edge as she waited in the room up until now.

Edmund understood completely how strong his son's self-control was. Because of that, he decided to put two kinds of pills in the tea that he drank to weaken him. Not only were those pills capable of melting away his resolve, but it was also strong and powerful enough to draw forth his sexual desire.

With her gaze fixated on the handsome man lying on the bed, Susan's heart was thumping so hard in excitement. At that moment, she didn't feel like she was being forced to do something against her will anymore. Instead, she felt rather lucky to be able to have the chance to sleep with Terence.

From the moment she was handpicked by Edmund to work with Terence, it had been deeply ingrained in her mind what her mission really was.

As a matter of fact, she even made it a point to find out Terence's preference in women. She presented herself in such a way that it would display the particular characteristics which Terence would want to see.

Actually, she was already quite satisfied with the work that Edmund had given her, to the point that she was starting to get used to it, but she never would've expected that Edmund would come up with such an arrangement all of a sudden...

As all of that was happening, "Rainer, why are you here? Where is Terence?"

Carla asked Rainer, who was the one driving, after she stepped inside the car with Sally, who was sleeping soundly in her arms.

"Mrs. An, it seems that your father-in-law wasn't feeling well, so Mr. An left in a hurry to check up on him," answered Rainer. He simply told her what Nathan said over the phone when he called him.

Grabbing a thin blanket, Carla covered her daughter with it and glanced at Rainer. "Do you mean to tell me that my father-in-law is not feeling well?"

"Yeah. He was the one who asked Mr. An to come see him personally. I think it's probably something very serious," Rainer went ahead and told her what was on his mind.

Pondering about it for a while, Carla simply nodded and said, "You may be right. It's already eleven o'clock now. Could it be something so serious that Terence was called over at this time of the night?"

"Well, what do you think, Rainer? Why don't we go there and see how he's doing? I hope it's not the case, but I think I should pay him a visit in case he is seriously ill,"

Carla said, feeling a little worried.

It had only been a couple of days since she heard that Edmund

er, stop it. You'd only be wasting your breath! They're not afraid of me. I think Edmund was the one who instructed them to do this!"

No one ever dared to go against her except for Edmund. —

But why did Edmund want to stop her from coming in? And he even got Nathan locked up.

It was at this point that Carla seemed to have come to a sudden realization as she struggled to break free. "Let go of me! Let go of me! I need to find Terence right away! Terence!"

"Terence Can you hear me? Come out this instant!"

"Terence?!" —

Carla kept on shouting hysterically.

With all of this happening in front of him, Rainer decided to put Sally down on the sofa and then quickly went back upstairs. As soon as he got close, he kicked away one of the bodyguards that were trying to keep Carla from getting any further to help break free.

Thanks to that, Carla managed to free her hand and put all of her strength into kicking the other bodyguard who was holding her back. She actually went ahead and kicked him in the groin.

No matter how strong the bodyguard was, he had to let go of her as he grabbed his crotch in excruciating pain.

As soon as Carla broke loose, she went inside to look for Terence. Rainer, on the other hand, stayed back with the two bodyguards, trying to buy Carla a bit more time.



Carla searched every single room. Since she had been there a couple of times before, she was quite familiar with the layout of the house. So, she found the innermost room right away.

There were only a handful of guest rooms on the second floor, and only one of them was reserved for important guests.

Since Terence was not in his room at the moment, there was only one other place he could possibly be.

"Terence, Terence, are you in there? Answer me!"

Carla kept on pounding against the door. The door was locked from inside, which proved one thing.

There was no doubt that Terence was inside this room!

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