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   Chapter 741 Terence Was Drugged By His Father

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"Violet, how's living life like an empress? It must be so nice to have servants waiting on you hand and foot. Plus, Mr. Qi seems to care so much about you,"

Carla teased.

There was a saying that pregnant women must be treated like royalty. A queen, or even better they were treated like an empress.

"Of course! It's the least they could do for us pregnant women. They have to make us feel as comfortable as possible during our pregnancy. God knows how much we're going to suffer when we give birth." Violet caressed her swollen belly. With a smile, she began, "I also admire you. Even if you're not yet pregnant, Mr. Terence always dotes on you. You're the apple of his eye. And when you do get pregnant, I'd imagine he'd feel like you're the most important woman in the world."

Carla smiled at Violet's assessment of her relationship with Terence. Sighing, she tried to evade answering the question. "By the way, where's Cody?"

At Carla's question, Violet remembered that her son should still be in the room. "Cody! Have you finished your homework? Come here and play with your future wife!"

Carla couldn't help but chuckle at her friend's antics. Although she had heard this joke a lot before, it still made her laugh every time she heard it.

Hearing her mother's call, Cody rushed into the room. "Mom, is Sally here?

Sally? Where are you?"

When he saw Sally standing beside Carla, he moved closer to her before he took her hand. "C'mon, let's go to my room. You have to see my new collector's item, a Transformer!"

Although they went to the same school, the two kids were not in the same class. It was only during special times or after school did they get to meet.

With their hands held together, they went to Cody's room. Watching the kids go, Violet sighed. "Carla, just relax! Your daughter is lucky to marry Cody in the near future.

He's good at taking care of people."

At this, Carla tried to let her worries go. She would cross the bridge when she got there. In the meantime, they moved to the sofa to sit more comfortably.

"Even if she does end up with Cody, I can't help but feel anxious about giving her away. I feel anxious about being apart from her. Even now, it seems like time is running so fast and the time I spend with her is just never enough." Carla said and took the peeled grapefruit on the table. She

gined his own father drugging him.

As Terence blacked out, Nathan sensed something was off. He immediately moved from his station at the foot of the stairs to check his gut feel. As he was coming up to the room, he was stopped by two bodyguards.

"Nathan, this is a family affair. It's none of your business.

Besides, I'm his father. I won't hurt him."

Edmund took a look at the tea cup in front of Terence. The tea was smeared with traces of the drug he used on his son.

He knew Terence would be coming from the party today. People who had a drink usually had a weaker sense of smell and the medicine had little to no smell at all. Terence wouldn't be aware he was being drugged.

Nathan watched helplessly as two bodyguards lifted Terence into the innermost room.

Nathan wanted to approach Terence, but he was stopped by the bodyguards.

Seeing this, Nathan turned around and walked downstairs. When he was about to go downstairs, Edmund clamped a hand on his shoulder and said, "Nathan, I know you've always been loyal to Terence. We all appreciate your loyalty to him. If you want to call Carla and tell her what happened, please consider doing it tomorrow morning instead.

Find his mobile phone and all other communication devices and take them away. Return them to him tomorrow morning,"

Edmund told the guards before standing from his seat slowly.

He didn't care about Carla and Terence's relationship. His son could have whoever he wanted as long as he gave him a grandchild. He just wanted a grandchild.

a grandson.

That was all.

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