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   Chapter 740 I Just Want To See You Happy

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When he suddenly realized that someone was approaching him, Steven switched the screens on his computer and turned his attention back to his father's secretary, Secretary Liu.

"Well, I see, Secretary Liu."

Steven had a hobby of painting and photography, and he also knew something about video shooting. Hence, he would help his father with the interview work occasionally.

As soon as the meeting was over, he asked, "Father, are you looking for me?"

At this moment, Gary had just returned from the meeting room. He was sitting in a chair with some employees from JA City and sipping tea. When he saw Steven approaching, he waved at him instantly.

"Hey, Steven, come and sit down to have a talk with your uncles."

Steven walked up to them and greeted them politely, "Good afternoon, everyone."

"You are a good boy. Mr. Su, where does Steven work now?"

The chief of the Administrative Management Bureau, Jim Hu, who was sitting next to Gary, parted his lips. He stole a glance at Steven and nodded with satisfaction.

"He has just graduated. He hasn't secured a proper job yet," Gary said with a smile.

"Really? How would you feel about inviting your son to work in our executive bureau? He is so young. He surely does have a bright future!"

Hearing that, Jim said to Gary.

"Really? It will be such an honor for him to work with you. I've been worrying about my son's life very much in these recent times. He doesn't focus on his work. He solely focuses on painting, tourism and photography. It's time for him to get serious and to settle down to do business."

With a smile, Gary looked at Steven and replied, "You're still young, so you'd better start from the grassroots level. Don't be afraid of work. Don't be afraid of fatigue or exhaustion. How about staying in Uncle Jim's office for two years at the outset? What do you say?"

Since he was the mayor of JA City, it was not a good idea to arrange a job for him directly, in order to not be embarrassed by others. Jim's offer was indeed a magnificent one.

Steven hesitated.

He had thought of this when he came, but he didn't expect that his father would allow him to work in the administrative bureau. He was under the impression that he would work for his father.

"…… Thank you, Uncle Jim."

Jim said with a bright smile, "That's very kind of you. My son is about your age, but he is far less sensible than you! Mr. Su, I have to learn from you. You've raised such a wonderful kid unlike me!"

Gary waved his hand with a trace of a smile on his face.

Since he had run out of topics to converse about, Steven said to his father and Jim, "Father, Uncle Jim, may I be excused? You guys can carry on."

Gary waved at him.

at I've arrived at a bad time. Has President Qi returned home so early?"

Carla hadn't informed Violet that she was coming, because she just met her this morning. So, she was aware that Violet would be at home this afternoon.

As soon as Carla and Sally entered the living room, they saw the couple snuggled up against each other on the sofa. Violet was lying in William's arms.

William held Violet with one hand and touched her belly with the other. His eyes were full of affection and care.

Seeing her approaching, Violet quickly got up from William's arms and asked, "Carla, what are you doing here? Come on in!"

"Be careful. Don't wrench your back and hips." William nervously stopped Violet, who seemed to totally forget that she was a pregnant woman.

"Hi, Auntie Violet and Uncle William!"

Holding her hand, Sally greeted them sweetly and innocently.

As a matter of fact, Sally had been to Violet's house quite often and she had also lived here for a few days. Hence, she didn't feel uncomfortable at all. This was like a second home to her.

"Oh, hi, Sally! I haven't seen you in a few days and I missed you so much. Come and give me a kiss!"

Violet saw that Sally also came, so she pushed William away and walked towards her, kissing her on the cheek gently.

Violet had a son, so she liked girls very much. She wished for a daughter in her next delivery.

Sally was so cute and she had two beautiful big eyes. She looked like a little angel and was so sweet. She was simply adorable for everyone around her.

William stood up and gave some private space for them. "Let me go upstairs to read. Carla, bring Terence alongside you the next time you visit us."


Carla smiled and watched William leave. Then she turned around quickly and walked towards Violet hastily.

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