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   Chapter 739 Attended The Meeting Together

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"I think I've figured it all out. That Manager Li is so keen on recommending that small company all because of one thing-- it's his brother-in-law's. And on top of that, I think that his wife forced him to give this cooperation opportunity to his brother instead.

And that's why Manager Li was so crazy and careless to even come up with such an idea without thinking of its repercussions,"

Terence said with a scornful smile on his handsome face.

"I have already asked my men to gather evidence against him and his cohorts. I have already instructed them to submit the findings in court and file a case against them. They have openly slandered the reputation of our company and we have to fight back."

Listening to her husband's plan of action, Carla heaved a heavy sigh. "I just didn't expect things to be like this. I never thought that Manager Li was anything like that at all. How about... "

"Carla, don't be so softhearted. You know what he did and don't give him too much benefit of the doubt. No matter what his reason was for doing it, I won't just sit back and do nothing! He dared to insult the AJ Group and pick on you and I will not let him get away with that!"

Terence said firmly as he tried to hold back his anger. Then, he looked at his watch and continued, "I'm going to attend a company meeting held by the JA City government. Do you want to go with me?"

"I don't know. I mean... it's going to be a government meeting. Am I even allowed to be there?" Carla asked curiously.

"Of course, you are. Come on. I'll take you as my assistant. After all, each of the guests can take one assistant with them,"

Terence said with a smile upon seeing hesitation on her face, "If you don't have anything else to do these days, you can come with me to meetings and listen to the plans and goals for JA City as long as you don't feel bored."

Terence was a renowned entrepreneur in JA City and was very used to attending meetings annually.

Upon hearing what the meeting would be all about, Carla immediately lost interest and even thought that it would be very boring for her. Wrinkling her nose, she said, "I guess I'll take a pass on this one. Seeing you in your sharp suit, I know that it's that boring kind of occasion."

"Well, not really. You can meet some of the rising entrepreneurs in this city. Plus, you'll see what our newly appointed mayor looks like."

Terence then rubbed her nose. Smiling, he said, "Alright, but since you have nothing to do now, I'll ask Rainer to bring a business suit for you. Change into it and go with me."

Determined to bring Carla with him, he called Rainer who was just standing outside the door.

"Don't bother. I already have one in my office. I will just ask


Sitting behind her, Steven was helping to adjust the video on the scene. And when he saw her accidentally, he focused the camera on her.

He had not seen her for a very long time, and he did not expect that he would see her in the meeting.

Out of boredom, Carla looked around the entire room. After shooting glances here and there, she suddenly found out that the camera was focused on her.

Realizing that the camera must have shot her dozing off very frequently, she smiled awkwardly, sat straight, and became more alert.

But under the table, she suddenly felt Terence grab her hand tightly.

Carla and Terence looked at each other and exchanged smiles for a while, and then looked away simultaneously. Again, Terence took her hand and wrote a few words on her palm with his finger:

"Meeting will end in an hour."

All the writing on her palm made it very itchy so she clenched her hand and pulled it away from his grip. Wanting to say something in return, she then grabbed his hand and wrote: "Can I go horseback riding later?"

Terence raised his eyebrows and replied in the same manner: "Ride me instead. I promise you it will be better than riding a horse."

Shocked by her husband's reply, she was partly aroused and almost choked on her own saliva.

Meanwhile, behind the camera, Steven saw how happy Terence and Carla were with each other. With overflowing love and affection, he knew that Carla was happy and contented with Terence's presence.

He could not comprehend why he felt a little melancholic and disappointed by what he saw. But whenever his eyes laid on Carla's smiling face, he felt happy, too.

"Master Steven, your father has requested your presence. He wants you to go to see him after you finish your work."

At this time, his secretary came over and informed him.

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