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   Chapter 738 A Prediction And A Plan

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10575

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Inside the temple, Carla devoutly knelt and touched the ground with her forehead before the statue of Buddha.

Life could be so unpredictable so Carla thought that it wouldn't hurt to pray for some strength and luck as she went on with her life.

There were a lot of things that Carla prayed for. Her first prayer was for the family that she had married into, the An family. Terence was their only successor and as his wife, she prayed that the family would continue to be rich and powerful. She hoped that there would be a bright future ahead for the family.

Next, Edmund was living a peaceful life at his age. Carla also prayed that when they reached their fifties, Terence could be free from the heavy burden on his shoulders and finally be able to live without a single worry on his mind. There were a lot of things that she wanted them to do like travel the whole world, to see places that they had never seen before, and to eat delicacies from the most exotic places. She wanted them to experience life with only smiles on their faces.

Carla firmly closed her eyes and shook the lot pot. Then, one of the lots fell to the ground with a click.

"Here it is."

Violet exclaimed while she picked up the lot up at once. She handed it to the monk who was standing beside them. She then patiently waited for the lot to be interpreted.

The monk put on his prescription glasses and then closely examined Carla's lot.

"Well, this is a good one. From what was written here, this lady must come from a rich family. However, when you were young, you went through a lot of suffering. All the rough roads and hardships lead up to who you are today. Your future will be as bright as the moon. Luck and fortune will surround you."

"Can you please predict when she will be pregnant again?"

Violet anxiously asked. She actually thought that it was unnecessary to tell them whether Carla was rich or not. However, Violet kept her mouth shut since she wanted to find out about the more important things.

"Calm down, lady. According to what I can tell from this lot, your friend will have a child sooner or later. So, you don't need to be worried. You only need to wait and see!"

The monk gently said, looking at Carla with a smile.

"But you have to tell us the approximate time. When exactly will Carla be expecting?" Violet continued to press on the matter.

"There's no need to rush. The baby will be a very special one once it is born. Generally, it will take a while. But there is no doubt that this young lady will indeed be expecting. Remember, wait and pray!"

"Hey, what exactly do you mean by that?"

Violet wanted to know more. But Carla quickly placed down the fee on one of the bowls and grabbed Violet's arm to drag her out of the temple.

"Carla, why are you in such a hurry? Don't you want a clearer answer?"

"Violet, I think everything has been made very clear. The monk already told us to wait and see. We can't change my fate! After all, I came here just to ask for peace of mind. Now that I heard the answer, what I'm asking for has been given to me. So let's go back now!"

Carla said with a sigh of relief while she g

ou but also be good to her. That will make Dad think you and Susan are developing a relationship. But secretly, you can help Rainer and create opportunities for him to meet with Susan."

Carla analyzed the whole thing in detail. "What's more, Rainer has been with you for a long time. He is such a devoted bodyguard. As his boss, you should put his marriage into account. Think of it as showing your gratitude for his years and years of service."

Terence raised his lips and said with a smile, "You are such a smart woman! The only problem is that Rainer doesn't seem to be very good at chasing girls. He easily gets nervous in front of beautiful women."

"I don't think there is a problem. Rainer is a tall and handsome young man. What's more, he has you and Nathan to teach him the necessary skills that he needs. There wouldn't be any problem at all!"

Carla stated, full of confidence with her plan. Rainer's responses to every single thing that Susan did, really got Carla thinking that this was a good plan. In her opinion, Rainer had always been a composed man. He barely talked to any woman except when necessary. It turned out that he had never met a woman who attracted him so much. And now that he finally met someone who grabbed his attention, it was making him lose all of his composure.

When a man and a woman met for the first time, there were only two possibilities. They would fall in love with each other at first sight or develop affection for the other person within days, weeks or even months afterward.

It seemed like it was the latter that happened to Rainer.

"Okay, I'll arrange for Rainer to work with Susan more." Terence said after thinking about what to do. He fully understood Edmund's intentions and he didn't want to waste it. It was just in a different way from what his father was hoping for.

Moreover, it would be a good chance for him to make his loyal subordinate happy.

"Yes! That sounds like a plan. By the way, how is the investigation of the R Furniture Company going?"

Carla asked when she finally remembered what she came into the office for.

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