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   Chapter 736 Are You Looking For Trouble

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6613

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Just as Terence was about to say something, Carla cut him off. He knitted his eye brows together.

"Even if I chase this one away, your father's still going to send another one. I can't get pregnant with a boy anytime soon. Maybe it's better if we..."


Terence said coldly, interrupting her.

"Are you looking for trouble?"

Carla leaned forward, cupping her chin with one hand, and looked at him with a smile as if she didn't have any pressure.

"All right. I'm just joking. No other woman can touch my husband. Only I can!"

Carla said happily. She grasped Terence's collar with one hand and pulled him towards her. She pouted as she leaned to kiss on his lips.

"Now I'm serious. Can you help me check who sent my designs to R Furniture Company? That was about 10 days ago, I think."

Terence was about to kiss her back but his eyes twinkled as he heard this. "I had someone send it out.

You worked so hard on that design and it's perfect for them. It would be a waste if you didn't show it to anyone.

What's the matter? Why do you suddenly ask me that?"

Carla almost choked on her own saliva when she heard that it was Terence who had done it. "I just didn't expect that it would be you."

"Now you know,"

Terence said calmly.

Carla let go of him, walked around his desk, stared at him and said, "Do you have any idea what you have done?"

"What happened?"

Terence asked, raising his eyebrows.

"They're coming after me. They said my design team plagiarized their work. Now they won't leave me alone." Even as Carla was talking about it, she could feel her anger resurfacing once more.

It was perfectly acceptable that Terence didn't know of this as the AJ Group was a very big company who had branches all over the country, probably even more than a hundred. Terence was a busy man and he didn't have time to keep track of things like this.

"What do you mean? They accused you of plagiarizing their design?"


estaurant, Violet took Carla's bracelet out of her bag and tossed it to Carla.

Carla took it. As she looked at the bracelet, she smiled back at Violet and said, "No need to hurry. I was going to visit you at your place. You probably miss me already since we didn't see each other for so long, right?"

"Yes, I can't deny it. You're right. Since you weren't around, I didn't know who to call whenever I wanted to have fun." Violet shrugged her shoulders. Then she said, "I regret getting pregnant so early. I just got married and I haven't been able to enjoy my married life yet. Now I'm pregnant again and I have to focus on being a mother again.

Then after I give birth, I have to take care of the baby. I'm already tired just thinking about it,"

Violet complained while eating.

Carla looked at her with a smile and said, "Violet, stop complaining. There are also good sides to getting pregnant early. Think of it this way: when your children grow up, you'll be free."

A mother's love and care for her children never went away after all.

"By the way, Carla, a few days ago, I was thinking about taking you somewhere. What do you think? Are you free tomorrow?" Violet asked as she recalled it.

Carla blinked back. She had a smile on her face as she responded, "Yes, but where are you taking me?"

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