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   Chapter 734 Say It Again

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Carla was already quite sleepy. However, she could sense that Terence was in the mood.

She tried to move back until she was forced into a corner. Helpless, she had no choice but let Terence kiss her.


Carla mumbled, wanting Terence to let go of her. She was really sleepy and she didn't want her daughter to see them.

Ignoring her, Terence kissed her more intensely. He picked her up and made his way toward the next door bedroom, kicking the door close behind him.

She tried to convince Terence to not be so noisy as she didn't want her daughter to wake up and find her parents gone.

After they'd done it, Carla wasn't sleepy anymore.

After the sex, they went to the bathroom and took a shower together.

Then they went back to bed.

After a yawn, Carla leaned against his chest and said, "Was dad pressuring you again? You were working yourself way too hard."

Terence chuckled and pinched her face. "What are you talking about? This is just between us. I don't need any pressure from anyone else."

Carla snorted and closed her eyes, getting ready to sleep.

Carla couldn't forget the conversation between her and her father-in-law. He had made himself clear. She knew how desperate he was to have a grandson.

She could still remember how he looked when he brought it up. The caution in his voice and the weird smile on his face, she could never forget it.

"Just don't think too much about it. Go to sleep. We don't have to listen to Dad. Take it easy."

Terence tucked her in and kissed her on the forehead.

The next day.

The driver took Sally to school, and Carla followed Terence to AJ Building.

She hadn't been to work in a while. It was time for her to go back.

When Carla arrived at her office, she noticed that all of her team members looked distressed and upset.

"What's wrong, Andrew? What happened while I was away?"

She asked after signaling Andrew to come to her office.

Andrew scratched his head as he didn't know how to explain it to her. He paused for a while, seemingly deep in thought. Then he said, "Okay, here's the thing. I thought we cancelled our deal with the furniture company from before?

We were surprised a representative from

d, not us!"

Carla eyed the surroundings before returning her cold gaze at Manager Li.

"We have never plagiarized nor are we planning to. The AJ Group has the best reputation. You'd better think this through. We're not the enemy that you can just bully into giving what you want.

Well, Manager Li, I don't think we're settling this right now. Neither of us is calm so we should end this meeting right now. I'll drop by your office later. By then, I hope to see the evidence that we really did the plagiarizing and not the other way around."

Carla stood up and picked up the notebook on the table. She intended to show him proof that she didn't plagiarize the design. However, it seemed as if Manager Li wasn't here to listen so she decided it was futile to convince him otherwise.

Manager Li looked at Carla and cursed, "Bitch, who the hell do you think you are? We already said we weren't going to work with you anymore. What's the point of this meeting? Do you really think you can intimidate us?

You're the one who went back on your word. You fucking deserve this."

Carla, who was getting ready to leave, turned her head back around upon hearing this. She snapped, "What did you just say? Say that again."

Manager Li rose to his feet at once. "What are you going to do about it? We had a deal and we didn't use your design. Why did you send the designs to our general manager and set up this meeting?"

"You're a liar. Tell me, who's the real liar here! ?"

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