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   Chapter 731 Took Back A Trouble

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7277

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Looking at Bonnie, Carla had mixed feelings. She couldn't quite figure out what she was really feeling.

"Bonnie, if you were happy with your life right now, I'd leave you alone. But... What is this? Leave him. Go back and live in JA City and start a new life there.

Even if she didn't care about Bonnie, Andrea wouldn't be able to just stand back and allow Bonnie to continue living her life like this.

In that way, Bonnie could also be helping Andrea.

Bonnie shook her head without even considering it. "No way. He won't divorce me and I can't go back either. Carla, can you just leave me alone? ...

I hate you. I don't want to see you. Stop pretending like you care about me when you and I know that you don't. I don't need your kindness or your pity,"

Bonnie snapped.

Suddenly, Bonnie's husband came over and had a few words with her. Then he turned around and tried to push Carla and Rainer out.

But before he could touch Carla, Rainer stopped him.

"Bonnie, this isn't the time to be holding on to your pride like that. Think it over. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I'm offering you.

Once I leave, this is going to be your life forever. Are you sure this is what you want?"

Carla gazed at Bonnie's husband and couldn't figure out what the hell Bonnie saw in him in the first place.

"Think about it. If I leave today, my mom and brother are going to come see you. What do you think they're going to do if they see you like this?"

Bonnie snuffled. She sat on the edge of the bed, arms around her knees, burying her head in her legs. "Please don't tell them, please?"

"Do you really think I can do that?"

Carla asked.

Bonnie rubbed her head. Her drug addiction was starting to kick in. It seemed as if it was taking everything she had to not snort up right now since she was in front of Carla.

"It won't work. He won't divorce me. Besides, I can't go anywhere now..."

Upon hearing this, Carla frowned. Then she turned to Rainer and said, "Tell him that I'm Bonnie's sister and our mother hasn't seen her in a while so I'm taking Bonne with me."

Rainer nodded and turned to the foreign man.

Then she saw tha

Carla asked Rainer to arrange a room for Bonnie to stay in. Then she went back to her room to find some clothes for Bonnie.

"Carla, are you with Mr. Terence?"

Bonnie asked after a while.

She couldn't focus earlier so she was just realizing that Nathan and Rainer were Terence's body guards. It dawned on her that Terence was probably here too.

"Yes. Take a shower and change your clothes." Carla put the clothes on the sofa.

Bonnie shook her head and sneered. "I didn't expect that you'd see me in a situation like that. Carla, are you happy now?"

"To be honest, I was a bit happy when I saw that you weren't okay. Even though I knew then that Terence would always choose me no matter what, I still enjoyed seeing you like that."

As time passed by, though, Bonnie's grudge against Carla slowly disappeared.

She hated Carla for taking away what belonged to her including the man she loved, her own parents' love and her position in the Hua family.

Only when she had gone through so many things did she realize that she only ended up with the life that she had because of the choices that she had made.

If only she hadn't been so stubborn and arrogant and had listened to her mother then maybe she would have had a better life now.

As she thought of this, she suddenly felt ashamed to go back and see her mother and brother.

Rainer knocked on her door and said, "Mrs. An, Mr. Terence is back. He wants to see you."

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