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   Chapter 730 Decadent Bonnie

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7135

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Terence frowned as he continued to cut his steak with a fork.

"Bonnie? Why?"

Carla took a bite of her steak and sighed, "Since she moved here, she hasn't talked to us. Not even once. My mother's worried about her."

"Really? Then don't go there yourself. I'll send someone to check up on her," Terence said in a low voice. Even if it wasn't Bonnie whom she was going to visit, he wouldn't allow her to go there alone.

He didn't even want to think about everything that Bonnie had done before.

"No, I promised my mother that I'd see her in person. After all, she's still part of the Hua family. I'm already here so I don't see why I shouldn't visit her,"

Carla said, shaking her head.

She was just hoping that Bonnie was doing much better so her family wouldn't have to worry about her anymore.

If she was doing fine then she wouldn't have to keep in touch with them and her mother would be relieved.

"If you really have to go, at least ask Rainer and Nathan to come with you," Terence sighed.

"If they're both coming with me then what about you?" Carla said, eyeing him. Nathan and Rainer were not only his bodyguards but also his personal assistants.

"Do you really think I'm short on help right now?" Terence replied faintly. The AJ group also had branches here so he also had employees here that he could ask for help.

He was just used to bringing Rainer and Nathan with him. He could easily bring someone else along with him.

"All right. I'll ask them to go with me tomorrow," Carla compromised.

After lunch, Terence went back to work.

In the afternoon, Carla stayed at the hotel alone. She watched the movie she had downloaded on her tablet while eating the snacks she had bought at the mall earlier.

The next day.

Carla got up early because Bonnie lived a good few hours away from her hotel.

She decided that she couldn't go there empty-handed so she asked Rainer to prepare two presents before they set out.

After all, Bonnie came from a wealthy family. Even if she had ended up marrying a foreigner, there was no doubt that he would also come from a wealthy family like sh

something was wrong.

Bonnie couldn't stand it anymore. She opened the door and found two pieces of tissue and used it to wipe her nose.

After opening the door, Carla had a clearer view of the bedroom. Her nose was also instantly met with something unpleasant which made her cover her nose.

"Bonnie, are you..."

Carla noticed a straw and a small board placed in the corner. She'd never seen anything like this before in person but she's seen it on TV. Was Bonnie really...?

"Carla Ji, if you really care about Mother, you won't tell her about this! I'm going through a rough time right now. When I fell in love with him, everything was rainbows and sparkles. I thought life was going to be wonderful but after I married him, I realized that it was all just a lie."

Bonnie sat on her messy bed and hugged herself. She looked so thin as she closed her eyes and said, "He's a drug addict. He didn't tell me about it.

When he couldn't hide it anymore, he lured me into taking the drugs with him. We don't have money anymore. We used up all my savings and even my dowry is gone. The big villa we used to live in is gone. Now we're just staying in this small house.

I wanted to give whatever I could to the man that I loved but who would have thought that things would turn out this way? But it doesn't matter now. I'm already over it. Just let it go,"

Bonnie said dispiritedly after opening her eyes.

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