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   Chapter 728 Could You Stay With Me Just For A Little Bit

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9904

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"It would be for the best that you don't know anything about it. I fear that it will only leave a shadow in your heart."

Upon saying that, Terence threw his arm around her shoulder and burst into a playful chuckle. "For now, let's just worry about where you're going to play later in the afternoon. Come on, let me show you around."

With Carla's gaze fixated on Terence, she couldn't help but feel that he was trying to hide something from her. However, the more he tried to persuade her not to think too much about it, the more curious she became.

"Tell me right now. I really want to know."

Even after what he said, she still asked again. In truth, she wasn't really in the mood to go for a walk outside because she was actually feeling sleepy. After all, she barely got any sleep ever since she arrived.

She was having a bit of a hard time trying to fall asleep at first. But now that she had something to eat and a little too much to drink, her eyes were starting to feel heavy so she wanted to catch up on sleep.

"Alright. Don't say I didn't warn you. And you can't go blaming me if you don't like what you're going to hear." With a smile on his face, Terence let out a soft sigh as he whispered in her ear.

After finally hearing it, Carla's eyes were left wide open as she stared at him.

With that, she quickly pushed his handsome face away and exclaimed, "Don't you dare touch me today. You make me sick!"

Grabbing a hold of her hand, Terence couldn't help but chuckle, "See? What did I tell you?"

Feeling a shiver running down her spine, Carla glanced at his body and then looked away in an instant.

At this point, it was clear that she was overcome with fatigue. And with the car riding smoothly, she couldn't shake off the weariness she was feeling.

She couldn't get so much as an ounce of sleep last night, so it was hardly surprising that she was about to doze off right then and there.

Once Carla had fallen into her deep slumber, nothing could possibly get through her ears anymore.

Noticing that she had drifted off to sleep, Terence instructed Nathan to drive her to the hotel so she could get some much needed rest.

By the time they arrived at the hotel, it was already dark outside. And Carla wouldn't wake up until the morning after.

When she finally got up, it was still actually quite early in the morning. Looking at the time, she found out that it was only six o'clock.

That being said, Terence had already left. His side of the bed felt so cold, that it seemed as though he hadn't actually come back last night.

After washing herself up, she put on a fresh change of clothes and walked out of the room. There, she saw Rainer waiting outside for her.

The first thing she said the moment she saw him was, "Rainer, do you know where Terence is?"

"Ms. Carla, you're awake. In order to free up his schedule today for you, Mr. Terence had to get back to work as soon as he got you here,"


ance appeared to be white clouds falling from the sky.

Basking in lovely scenery around the world was indeed quite a rare and extremely pleasurable moment.

When he found out that she was planning to go back the next day, Terence had no choice but to adjust the schedule.

They didn't have enough time to enjoy the snowy mountains, but he decided to take her to the best location he could think of later in the evening to enjoy the most beautiful night view that this foreign city could offer.

On the top of the mountain, the cold night wind blew. As she looked down at a blaze under her feet, Carla then glanced at Terence, who had been silent all throughout the day, gently wrapped her arms around his waist from behind.

She knew fully well why he wasn't saying anything.

But she just couldn't convince him. How could she persuade herself not to go back and just change her mind?

When they arrived at the hotel, it was already past midnight.

The more silent Terence was being, the more furious he was. So, the second they got inside the room, the beast inside of him was unleashed.

Carla couldn't sleep a wink the entire night.

Because of that, she opted to take a nap sometime close to sunrise.

By the time she woke up, she was surprised to find out that the sun was already high outside. Her heart jolted subconsciously.

When she got up and looked at the clock, she found out that it was already ten o'clock. It was at that moment that she realized that she had totally screwed up.

She had scheduled an appointment with Kaylee to fly out at ten o'clock. How the heck could she possibly make it at this point?

As far as she could remember, she had set an alarm on her phone before dozing off, but why didn't it ring?

With this in her mind, she took out her phone and noticed that the alarm she had set had already been deleted.

The question was… who could've done this?

Of course, it wasn't her.

Could it be...


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