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   Chapter 727 The Free Lunch Is Not Delicious

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Seeing the cheese on her plate, Terence raised his eyebrows and feigned a sympathetic look. Then he smirked. "Honey, why did you stop? Just continue eating.

Do you want to eat by yourself or you want me to feed you?"

The dish on the side looked delicious and wonderful, but he was wrong on his first impression. The locals of this country didn't care much about it though.

As he stared at it with curiosity, Carla bit her lip while scanning the white stuff underneath the cheese, making her almost gorge all the contents of her stomach.

Her vision zoomed in. They looked like maggots underneath the cheese.

She didn't believe her own vision at first, but then she asked herself if they were real or not.

With that thought, she covered her mouth using her hand then looked away.

"Uh, Terence, can we replace this and choose another dish?"

She stared at him with pleading eyes.

With no other choice left, he informed the restaurant staff that they would choose another dish. Thereafter, he turned to her with an assuring smile. "She promised to give us a chance. But next time, she won't let us return our food."

She nodded with an embarrassed smile.

"Can I pick one for you this time?"

The previous dish never got out of her head. She even assumed all the meals were as disgusting as the last one.

She didn't dare to order that again.


With a light smile, he moved aside and let her choose.

Carla's attitude was different from his.

If he was the kind of person who wanted nothing but the best for her when it came to food, she was the complete opposite of him.

After deciding what to order, she picked the dish in the middle at the first row. She rubbed her palms together then opened the cloche, making her eyes widen. To her disappointment, it was a plate of sliced lemons.

It would be nothing for Terence, wouldn't it?

Shaking his head with knitted eyebrows, he took a piece of sliced lemon, scanning it before eating

eat, but the games were hard to tolerate.

After their food arrived, she glanced at her husband who was eating across her. "Did you really eat that octopus? Is there anything wrong with your stomach now?"

It wasn't a big deal for him. He continued to eat the delicious oysters in front of him. Since the restaurant was near the ocean, some of the dishes were seafood.

"Eating is normal. We are used to eating chicken, duck, and fish that's why for us, it's normal to eat all this food. In fact, eating a live octopus is normal in some other places. But since we aren't used to it, we only enjoy what we like.

It's the same as eating sliced fish and beef."

She nodded as she considered what he said. He was reasonable, but she didn't take it seriously. For Rainer and Nathan, it was hard to accept.

With that, she forced herself to eat the food in front of her.

Eating was a great way to release some bad vibes because after they had stepped out of the restaurant, she was in a cheerful mood.

As soon as they reached their car, they went inside.

"By the way, Terence, what was that second dish you ate?"

Carla remembered.

She was really curious why Nathan and Rainer looked so different at that time. For her, it wasn't a big deal to eat whatever it was that was served at that restaurant.

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