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   Chapter 725 Don't Keep It To Yourself

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10752

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That day, Carla seemed to be running into problem after problem.

She suddenly realized how poor her English skills were. She couldn't even comprehend complete sentences to express what was on her mind. As a result, she had a hard time enjoying herself or even socializing with the locals. With nothing else to do, she silently started to regret not paying attention to her English lessons back when she was a student. Moreover, since she graduated from college, no chance or opportunity had come up for her to learn English again. That was until that fateful day.

Besides, every country had their own accent, dialect, and expressions so it was more difficult for Carla to understand anything that her acquaintances were saying.

What was worse? She didn't have the time to charge her phone last night, so she couldn't even rely on a translation app to help her with the language barrier.

Earlier, the driver didn't even understand where Carla wanted to go. It took her almost half an hour to be able to leave.

So even if she tried her best to express herself and asked the driver to take her to the airport at that moment, Carla could only guess when the latter would only give her a confused look. But, she had no other choice. At last, the driver nodded his head but after a few moments in the car, it seemed like the driver took her to a place she didn't recognize at all.

Carla didn't know whether she should laugh or cry. When they left earlier, she didn't know if the driver actually understood what she said. She even showed him with body language how an airplane would take off. If she were being a little honest with herself, the gesture actually looked a little ridiculous and stupid.

To no avail, they ended up in what looked to be a farm.

Seeing that the place was in no way close to an airport, Carla waved her hand repeatedly to ask the driver to take her away. But the driver only shrugged his shoulders, seemingly giving up. He really couldn't understand what she was saying, so using some gestures, he just asked her to get off the taxi. Then, he left her luggage with her.

The only thing that Carla could feel was helplessness. She looked up into the sky and sneered. Then, behind the fence of the farm, she saw a baby duck playing in a pond. For a while, all she could do was watch the yellow animal.

She didn't know what to do or where to go. She then realized that she actually had no place to go. She could only hold onto her luggage case and stand outside the farm, dull and numb.

After a while, Carla was getting a little tired so she sat on the suitcase and looked around. As she had nothing else to do, she started to observe the farm animals a little closer. She thought to herself, 'Is there something different between ducks back home and the ones here in a foreign land?

Can the ducks in here speak like Donald Duck?' A lot of things had happened to her but the truth was, she still retained the childlike innocence in her heart. When she realized it herself, she couldn't help but chuckle.

Looking at the ducks on the farm, Carla was suddenly reminded of the toy duck that her daughter would occasionally play with.

'Sally, my cutest girl, I miss you so


"Nathan, let's go to the Flower Restaurant." Terence took out his mobile phone to reserve a table for them. Then he directed Nathan where the said restaurant was located.

"Carla, you haven't eaten anything this morning. You must be really hungry, aren't you? I'll take you to a high-class restaurant so you could taste the authentic food here. I'm sure you'll love western food after eating it for the first time."

Terence looked at Carla with a smile. However, Carla didn't have an expression on her face and still, she didn't say anything. But to Terence, he couldn't help but think in his head, 'What a cute girl she is.'

Looking at Carla, Terence was instantly reminded of their daughter. He felt that they were cast in the same mold.

"Mrs. An, I wanted to apologize to you. Mr. An wanted to go after you this morning but I stopped him. The meeting he had earlier was really important. Mr. An had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. So, he really had no time at that moment."

Nathan explained and apologized when he noticed that Carla was still upset.

Nathan wanted to explain more for his boss, but Terence gestured for him to stop.

In Terence's perspective, Carla was his woman, and it was his duty to appease her whenever she was upset. More especially, if it was his own doing that made her feel that way.

So Nathan sank into silence and kept his focus on the road.

Terence glanced at Nathan one more time and then turned to look at Carla. He gently held her hand and said, "Honey, it's all my fault. If you're angry with me, please don't keep it to yourself. I'm begging you."

Actually, Terence didn't know what to say or feel. He wasn't used to the silent treatment from Carla. He would actually prefer if she could pour out her anger on him, instead of holding it all inside.

If Carla was suffering inside, then Terence would not be able to put his mind at ease.

The moment he was finished speaking, Carla suddenly looked up and put her hands on his shoulders. Then, she dragged her body closer to his and moved her head toward his. In a matter of seconds, her lips were on his.

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