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   Chapter 723 Being Self-sentimental

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7568

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"What are you looking at?"

Terence took out the piece of paper from her hand and read it. Then, his lips curved up as he embraced her. "Honey, do you feel that you have fallen into the trap made by Auntie Kaylee?"

Carla nodded. At this point, she knew Kaylee had previously prepared all this. She had let her come up on the stage as a guest performer, assuming Terence would spot Carla.

"I didn't know either. Yesterday, Auntie Kaylee invited me. I didn't foresee that such a tremendous surprise would come for me."

With a beam on his face, he raised her chin up then gave her a pleasant kiss once again.

He thought he could only see her when he returned home, but he never expected that she would model in front of him.

Although the sudden surprise shocked both of them, it still delighted him to see her.

Carla sighed. "I was planning to go to your office to surprise you. But it's different from what I imagined."

He chuckled then placed his arms around her waistline. "Our plans often vary. I'm not surprised that you couldn't win against Auntie Kaylee. She knows everything.


He stopped talking then frowned while glancing at the V-neck dress she was wearing. A slight part of her breasts showed up, making his black eyes darken.

"This dress is too sexy."

When he recalled those men who kept on staring and taking pictures of her in the crowd, he felt uneasy.

Reminded by him, Carla covered her chests and adjusted the skirt to hide the uncovered legs.

While she was busy covering her body, he lifted his eyebrows then glanced at Nathan who was driving and Rainer who was sitting in the front passenger's seat.

He took off his coat then placed it on her shoulders, pulling her into his arms.

"Rainer, inform Wilson that I'm going back to J City."

Wilson, a local resident, was his friend and partner coming along with him.

Carla leaned in Terence's arms and blushed. She looked up at him and swept away his hand that was touching her body under the coat.

They soon arrived at the hotel where he was staying.

After entering the room, Terence pressed her against the door then started to kiss her.

Their lips didn't separate all the way from the entryway, to the sofa, then to the bedroom.


n to pack up her belongings without telling a word. She didn't want to deal with queries asked by Kaylee.

"Auntie Kaylee, please stop her. I'll be right there!"

Terence frowned and went to the wardrobe to pick out clothes to wear.

He didn't know what was going on. Carla just came to see him, so there was no reason for her to leave so soon.

"Mr. Terence, good morning.

They are waiting for you in the meeting room now,"

Nathan reported when he came in.

Terence's eyebrows knitted together. He almost forgot that there was an urgent meeting this morning.

"Nathan, cancel it. I have to see Carla now." He took his shirt and put it on.

"But Mr. Terence, we have been here for several days to prepare for this meeting. If we cancel it, our efforts will go to waste."

When Nathan heard that he would cancel the meeting, he persuaded him. "How about you and Rainer attend the meeting and I help you find Mrs. An?

Sir, I hope you can set store by overall interests. It's natural for women to lose their temper. Mrs. An will be fine if you propitiate her later. But if you delay this meeting, we'll drop the opportunity of partnership."

Nathan tried his best to persuade him.

Terence, who was buttoning his shirt, breathed a sigh then closed his eyes. "Get ready."

"Okay, Mr. Terence. Do you want me to check on Mrs. An?" Nathan sighed in relief.

Buttoning his shirt up, he responded, "Don't bother. She is my wife. I will deal this problem. Just focus on your business."

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