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   Chapter 722 Absence Has Made the Heart Grow Fonder

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7237

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Out of all the ladies who strutted the runway, Terence couldn't help but fixate his eyes on the last model.

From the curve of her lips to the glint in her eyes, she looked so much like Carla. Terence blinked, narrowing his gaze. 'Why does she look so much like his wife?'

At that moment, Terence started to connect the dots. This was Auntie Kaylee's fashion show. That model really did look so much like his wife.

That must've meant that she was here. She was right here.

Nathan and Rainer weren't able to connect the dots as they sat there, dumbfounded by their similarities. She just looked so much like Carla that they found it almost hard to believe it was her.

Terence couldn't help but chuckle at the realization.

He stared at the gorgeous woman, his lips twitching up into a mischievous smile. After looking her over, he glanced at his phone to check her location. The tracker blinked at Violet's home.

He glanced back at her bare wrist, noticing the dull red that colored her skin. How hard had she tried to take it off?

"Hi, Auntie Kaylee."

Terence placed his phone on his ear, wanting to confirm his suspicions.

"Terence, have you come to the show yet? Oh, wait, I see you now!" Kaylee peeked from backstage and waved her hand up in the air. She beamed.

"Terence, take a good look at these models and see if there is someone you like. If there's one, then I'll take her up to your room after the show,"

she teased, returning back to arrange the last set of clothes.

Hearing her words, Terence was now positive that his theory was right. He grinned, glancing up at the swaying model. "The last one is good; she's exactly my type."

He leaned back. "Tell her to come to me. Don't let her get out of her outfit."

Kaylee snorted in laughter, shaking her head. "Take it easy, young man. You already have a wife, what would she think when she finds out?

I'll get her to you later. Remember to be gentle, and take her back to me tomorrow, okay?"

Terence grinned from ear to ear, eyeing at his retreating wife.

"You're always so sensible, Auntie Kaylee. I'm looking forward to it. You must've put a lot of effort in

s pitch black inside the car.

With her back to the man, Carla looked around, struggling to see her surroundings. Her heartbeat was much louder now, drumming in her chest.

Carla removed her high heels and tried to flipped them to the man behind her, just enough for him to loosen his hold.

Realizing this, the man grabbed her wrist before she could do so and kissed her passionately.

The familiar kiss calmed Carla down slowly. In that, she pushed deeper into his hold.

The grip on her heels loosened, and she finally relaxed. She let her fingertips run down the handsome face, exploring every angles and details that she had missed while he was away.

"Why didn't you tell me you were coming here?"

Terence said, letting go.

Carla was stunned. The lights outside the window flashed, and she caught sight of Terence's face. His dark eyes glinted in surprise and longing. Somehow, she felt that hers also reflected the same.

"Why are you here? How did you know?"

She couldn't believe he was here.

Carla had spent the entire time in the runway concentrating on her very high heels, with the fear of falling and embarrassing herself. She didn't have time to look around.

Thinking of this, she opened the paper she had kept in her hand. Carla flipped the light open to get a better look at the scribbles on the paper.

It was a note from Kaylee.

"Absence always makes the heart grow fonder. Have fun, Carla!"

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