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   Chapter 721 The Trap That Kaylee Made For Her

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Carla smiled at Kaylee as she loosened her hand free from her grip.

"Don't bother, Auntie Kaylee. I'll work on the address. You can go deal with your business. You don't have to worry about me!"

'Was she joking?

This is an international fashion event. All the models are supermodels. Even though I'm still young, none of those clothes will fit me, ' Carla thought.

She turned to look at the models.

The clothes were too revealing.

Just the thought of wearing them made her shiver as she could imagine how cold she was going to be. Terence would never allow it and she too couldn't handle going out in something so skimpy.

"Hey, Carla, don't go!"

Kaylee stepped forward and blocked Carla. With a huge grin on her face, she implored, "Carla, my good daughter-in-law, please help your future mother-in-law. I've been preparing for this for so long. Do you really have the heart to let me down? Especially at such a critical moment like this?"

"Don't be so dramatic. It's just a dress. You have so many models. It's not a big deal for you even if I refuse,"

Carla said. She tried to walk past Kaylee but was again, blocked.

"Carla, I'll choose the most conservative one for you. It won't be as revealing as those you have seen. Come on, let's go. We need to put makeup on you first!"

"Auntie Kaylee, it's really not a matter of negotiation this time."

Carla refused without hesitation.

"Don't say that, Carla. Just do me a favor. We can go up and have a walk around. At least make it seem that I have a lot of people. Please, I'm begging you!" Kaylee held her hand as she pushed her inside.

"Auntie Kaylee, I really don't want to..."

"Of course you want to. Not all women will have the opportunity to be a model in their entire lives. It's a great honor to even be invited here! A lot of people are going to be watching you. Plus, you're being supported by me! You just go onstage and walk with your head held high!"

Kaylee tried her best to drag her inside.

Carla wasn't expecting this.

they always stayed close to Terence.

"…… Rainer, I think this model looks familiar."

Nathan wasn't the kind of people to hide his interest in women. Rainer was too shy to watch the show and Terence wasn't even looking.

So it was Nathan who noticed Carla first.

Most of the models who had walked so far all looked the same. It was just the last one who looked a bit different.

Her smile looked a little childish. It seemed as if this was her first time. Nonetheless, she looked so beautiful that her lack of experience was quickly shoved aside.

Rainier then turned his attention to the stage.

"I don't think it's possible. Mrs. An is in JA City now. I don't think she's here." Rainer looked toward the stage. He immediately thought that the model looked like Carla but he doubted that this was actually Carla.

Plus, the world was a big place. This wasn't 'the first time that one would come across someone's lookalike.

"You're right. But I still think she really looks like Mrs. An,"

Nathan murmured to himself as he looked at the model on stage.

Rainer then fixed his gaze at the model who was on stage.

The model did look like Carla.

At this moment, Terence was busy talking with his business partners. He glanced at Nathan and Rainer who were whispering behind him. Then he turned his attention toward the stage.

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