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Kaylee had already hung up before Carla could add anything else.

She thought it was necessary to give Kaylee a heads-up, or else she might go overboard and make Carla wear an incredibly sultry outfit.

Meeting up with Kaylee wasn't really a big deal, but since she wanted it to be a surprise, they both had to hide it from him.

However, with the looks of the bodyguards surrounding wherever she went, it was close to impossible to hide what they were planning.

Carla glanced at the bracelet on her wrist, watching as it blinked in the dark. Besides the bodyguards, she also needed to worry about the GPS attached to the bracelet. How was she going to hide it from Terence now?

It would be almost impossible to hide the fact from him; she had to disappear from his watch to avoid any interrogations for the night.

Carla chewed on her bottom lip, looking hard at the dangling bracelet. She never really tried to take it off before...'Should I use soap water?' She eyed the soap at the corner of the bathroom, rubbing her wrists.

Carla grabbed the soap before rubbing her wrists, trying to make it slippery enough so that it'd fall off. The bracelet didn't fall off till her wrist was blood red. It clattered onto the sink.

She sighed in relief, clutching the bracelet as she shoved it back in her pockets.

Then she started to pack up her things, making sure to place everything neatly as she hummed proudly. Maybe this would all turn out in her favor...hopefully.

At first, Carla was hesitant in not telling Sophie about this, but if she had told her, she might as well have told Terence directly.

That was why, when she called her, Carla lied and said she was going to Violet for a few days, just enough for everything to fall into place.

She had already instructed Violet in advance so that Sally wouldn't be left alone. If Violet were to pick up Cody, she would be able to pick up Sally and take her home along the way for a few days.

The little girl always felt much better whenever Cody was around.

To make up for her absence, Carla had already planned a weekend filled with fun games and outings.

The next day before she left home, Carla had called Terence to make sure he was still there, and whether or not he had another business trip to get to within the next two days.

Carla silently grinned when he replied with a 'no'.

If he had decided to

, are you ready? We'll have half an hour to go!"

Kaylee asked the model who was changing her clothes and then turned around to look at Carla.

She took out a paper with address on it from her pocket and handed it to Carla with a prideful shrug. "Nothing's impossible for me," she started with a wink. "Terence is my future step son. It's not difficult for me to know his whereabouts."

She smiled smugly.

Before Carla could reach for the paper, Kaylee immediately tucked it back in.

"I'm fine giving it to you, but you need to do me a favor. If you'll help me, you'll know the address plus the fastest way to get there. You'll see him right away."

Seeing her mischievous smile, Carla gulped. She knew it was impossible to get out of this unscathed. "What do you want me to do?"

She sighed, considering her other options. Carla could just call him if she'd want to.

But if she did, he'd knew she was there. It'd ruin the surprise.

That was the sole reason why she was asking Kaylee's help in the first place.

Kaylee rolled her eyes. "You act as if I'm going to ask you to murder your dad. It's really not that serious. There's a set of clothes on the rack, just wear them and walk down the runway."

She flipped her hair and motioned to the rack almost exasperatedly.

Carla's mouth curled. "You have other models," she protested.

"My 19th model got the stomach flu so we're one short." Kaylee sighed as if the topic was only giving her a headache. Could you please do it for me? For Terence?"

Kaylee grabbed Carla's hand and held her close, staring into her eyes.

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