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   Chapter 719 Should We Fly To Meet Him

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"It was my father who came up with that idea, right?"

It wasn't really that hard to guess given the fact that Edmund had already mentioned it before. That being said, Terrence was the one who turned it down. For that reason, Edmund grabbed the opportunity while Terence was away giving Carla something to work on.

"Carla, you shouldn't be bothered by him at all. As long as the two of us are living together, he will always be a mere outsider. How long do you think he can continue trying to control our every move?"

Terence exclaimed, trying to touch her face through the screen. "If we just leave him to do what he wants, what can he actually do? Please try not to take it personally. You don't have to worry about him whatsoever."

Carla sniffed and bit her lower lip. "But I do want to have another baby with you. What am I supposed to do?"

Nicholas was right. The AJ group wasn't just some small-time business. It was a big company. It needed to have someone who would take over everything.

"Then we'll just keep trying and trying. To be honest, I'm quite confident with our plan. It's just my father who's being too anxious. That goes for you as well. This is something we can't rush. We have to learn to be patient and take our time."

As he looked straight into her eyes, Terence tried to convince her in a calm manner.

As she listened to him talk, Carla started feeling a bit hot and somewhat sleepy. It was late in the afternoon, so, she proceeded to take off her clothes and change into something more comfortable. At around dinner time, she was already feeling a bit drowsy after drinking alcohol.

Right now, her face was as red as the sunset. She was barely awake, and her eyes had become as lazy as that of a cat's. Gazing at her face, Terence was so lost in thought.

Carla couldn't even hold her cellphone up because her arms felt sore, so much so that she had to put a book behind it for support.

At this point, she lay on the sofa and began to fall asleep.

After having too much to drink, she was too lightheaded to stay awake that she completely forgot that there was still someone looking at her on the phone.

As he watched the woman on the screen sleeping, Terence didn't want to close Facetime yet. At that moment, it was already midnight in the city he was in.

After a while, he gave Sophie a call and asked her to put a blanket over Carla.

Then he went ahead and charged his phone and put it down on the bedside table. Looking at Carla, who was still on the screen, he said with a helpless smile on his face, "Honey, I've already made a mistake once. How can I ever let you down again?"

Lucy shouldn't have come into his life back then.

This time, let alone his father, even if his grandfather were to rise from the grave, it would still be useless.

Carla was so inebriated. By the time she woke up, it was already midnigh

er another message.

"Try not to be too obsessed with me, or else, you'll just end up having trouble falling asleep later.

Well, there's a meeting I have to attend later. I'll just call you tomorrow. Good night."

Carla spent some time staring at his photo before she reluctantly put down her phone and turned off the light and tried to get some sleep.

Finally, she closed her eyes after tossing and turning on the bed countless times to find the perfect position.

When Carla woke up the next morning, Kaylee gave her a call.

"Carla, have you made up your mind yet? Would you like to go with me? If you're interested, you'd better get ready. I'm going to book the plane tickets now!"

From the way she sounded, she seemed to be looking forward to this trip.

Without a hint of hesitation on her voice, Carla replied, "Yes, I'll go. Why not?"

"Yeah, that's my girl! Okay, for the next two days, you should have a good rest and just get relaxed. After that, you'll get to see some of the world's most fashionable items and broaden your horizon, isn't that great?"

Upon hearing Carla's response, a smile crept onto Kaylee's face.

"Great! It's settled then! I'm going to book the tickets right away. You should get your things ready. Oh, and you don't have to pack your clothes, I'll be the one to take care of that for you. We're going to attend an international event. Don't go making a fool of yourself, you hear me?"

When she heard her say that, Carla simply smiled and said, "Okay, I appreciate you doing that for me. But, as you very well know, I'm a married woman. So, if possible, I would like to keep things low key."

"Fine, fine. I know that, silly. But just an ounce of sexiness is okay, right? You know what? I'm just gonna decide for you!"

Before Carla could say anything else, Kaylee went on and added, "Everything's settled then. I'll see you at eight o'clock tomorrow morning!"

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