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   Chapter 718 Why Did She Say That To Him

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Carla blinked, trying to process what Edmund had just said. She plastered a smile on her face and arched up an eyebrow. "What do you mean? You want Terence and I to also do what Uncle Ronald did? Did Auntie Fanny even agree to this?"

Carla asked bluntly, the incredulity in her voice evident. Her forehead creased at the thought but she continued to remain calm, at least she was trying to, but it was starting to prove difficult.

Edmund choked at his tea, setting his cup down. "Carla, you should know what I'm trying to say.

I have nothing against you and Terence. All I want to do is provide another option. Uncle Ronald's two wives were willing to sacrifice for the family, and I do believe you should as well."

Edmund quickly intercepted Carla's words, explaining to her in great lengths. He really had nothing against his daughter-in-law. If not for this issue, he'd have no problem for them to just have one child.

That was the reason he had invited her over to talk.

Given Carla's condition, it was difficult for her to give birth again. Even if Cilla was there as a prospective candidate, the AJ Group was a large business and required a stronghold of a man, not a woman.

Terence was already thirty-three. He should be able to provide a male heir for the business's sake.

If Terence kept on postponing such an important thing, Edmund was afraid it'd be too late. The older he got, the more he'd lack the strength and time to teach his son on handling the company.

The family business had been passed down from father to son, as what Edmund did to Terence. This should be no different.

Edmund had already thought it over numerous times before reaching out to Carla, giving his hand in trying to persuade her.

Carla's jaw dropped as her bottom lip trembled. It was just as she expected. Edmund just couldn't live quietly without a male heir, and that was something that she just couldn't give.

"Dad, so you want me to persuade Terence to find another woman? One that could give him a boy?" Carla played with the papers set on the table, avoiding his gaze.

Edmund nodded with a smile, relieved that she finally got it. "Carla, I know it isn't fair for you, but it really is something you should consider...for the family's sake."

"I don't care what method you use, as long as the boy has our blood. If you were able to give us a boy, I'd be happier!

But it isn't something we should keep delaying."

Edmund sighed, stirring his tea. "The reason why I told you this instead o

she rested her chin on the cushion. Finally, she looked into the screen and watched Terence from the phone. "You asked for it. Take as long as you want."

Carla pouted.

"You went to see Dad. Did he say anything to you?" Terence heard from Sophie that Carla had been called to go to the East Yard by his father. If he knew anything about his dad, he must've said something that made her act this way.

Carla blinked her eyes. She knew that she couldn't hide it from Terence, not in her state.

Besides, he already knew her so well that it was impossible to hide anything from him.

"Nothing new. When you come back, I'm to provide you a selection of women to be your second wife. I'll make sure they're all young and beautiful, and you could fuck them as much as you want."

Carla laughed bitterly, her vision already bleary from the tears. She poked on the screen. "Are you happy now? You better make her pregnant.

If it's a boy, I'll personally raise him for you! You better have a lot of them, a lot of sons. No daughters..."

Carla choked, trembling. In an instant, her tears freely fell and she hurriedly wiped them away.

Terence watched Carla cry and laughed at the screen.

He frowned, heart aching as she shuddered, sobbing into the pillow.

He wanted to embrace her tightly and kiss her hard, comfort her from what had happened today. He wanted to assure her and tell her that it was okay, but he couldn't help but be silenced by her murmurs across the screen. Why would she even say that?

What woman was willing to give her man to another woman?

Why did she say that to him? Though as much as Terence wanted to ask, her sobs met his silence.

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