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   Chapter 717 Edmund Has Ulterior Motives

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Carla was stunned at what she heard. She didn't know how to answer her daughter.

"Sally, don't worry sweetie. You see, Auntie Violet didn't get pregnant again until Cody became four years old. You're only three years old aren't you?"

Violet came over and squatted beside Sally, stroking the little cutie's hair.

After hearing this, Sally pondered for a while before saying, "Yeah I'm still three! Maybe when I'm as old as Cody, I'll have a little brother or sister too right? Auntie Violet?"

"Of course Sally! You're so smart!"

Violet praised Sally before she held Carla's hand to stand up. "Carla, you've been back for quite some time, yet nothing happened?" Her voice filled with concern.

Carla sighed and shook her head.

"Do you still remember my miscarriage five years ago? It was my first time being pregnant, and that miscarriage harmed my body. Later, I found out that it would be extremely difficult for me to get pregnant again. I always thought that I was lucky enough to give birth to Sally."

She got pregnant for after having sex with Terence twice or thrice without taking any birth control medication. Ever since then, because of the accident, it took her a long time sleeping with Terence before she managed to have Sally.

Nevertheless, the fact remained that Carla's condition now made it hard for her to conceive again.

"I'm not going to lie to you, I really don't know if I can have another baby again."

Carla forced a smile and sighed.

Violet paused for a moment before saying, "Why didn't you ever tell me about this? Carla, don't be too depressed. I'm sure you'll find a way."

However, this infertility was nearly impossible to be cured. Moreover, a lot of couples wouldn't be able to have their second child after giving birth to the first one.

Carla took a deep breath and shook her head with a smile. "I knew this day would come, I prepared myself for this. If I really can't get pregnant again, then I should just be content with Sally. It's better than none right?"

Violet stepped forward and snuggled her side. They leaned against each other and said, "Carla, don't be so negative. My pregnancy can bring you luck! We're still young and we still have a lot of years to try to have a baby!"

"Also! Didn't you know that unexpected joy is so surprising?"

The two best friends leaned against each other while looking out of

o ask her to go to a fashion show at that time. Maybe it was a couple of days ago, she couldn't really remember the exact date.

"Ronald is an influential figure within the domestic appliances industry. We've been friends ever since we were still young. He came here on his holiday with his wives last night just to drop by and pay me a visit,"

Edmund took a sip of tea and said these words.

Carla lowered her head when a thought flashed through her mind, "Oh. Uncle Ronald must be a lucky man."

"You're right. Ronald is the only man I've ever met who is able to make two ladies satisfied on a certain level, yet not making them jealous of each other at the same time." Edmund nodded his head with a smile. He looked at her thoughtfully and continued, "He's extremely lucky. What's more important is that he managed to get a good wife."

"This is because Ronald's first wife is infertile, so she asked him to find a second wife to have children. She was so virtuous and adorable that not only did Ronald not divorce her, but it made him love her even more."

"In my point of view, I see her as a smart woman. She clearly knew that she would probably lose everything in the future if she didn't make any compromises. With her way of doing things, not only did she save her family, but also made the second wife respect her. Now, they have two lovely sons in the family.

You have to learn to give in most of the time in your life."

Edmund's tone with his words seemed to be casual, but, his intentions were obvious.

Of course, Carla could understand what his words meant.

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