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   Chapter 715 Mother Duck And Male duck (Part Two)

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Carla's mouth fell open in excitement! She put Sally down and took the bag, feeling the warmth of the cake through it. She flashed a wide smile at Sean and asked, "Why are you acting so sweetly all of a sudden, huh?"

"Don't let it get to your head. I happened to have some coins in my pocket, and they felt too heavy. I just wanted to relieve myself of the weight," Sean said, feigning indifference. This was what he missed the most.

"By the way, where is Terence?"

"Oh, is it? And here I thought you wanted to make me happy!" Carla responded mockingly too, while feeling warm in her heart. "He is on a business trip," she added while taking a bite of the cake. The soft cake melted in her mouth, the flavor seeming to dance at the tip of her tongue. "Oh, this is delicious! Sally, do you want some, honey?"

"No, thanks. Sean bought me some as well. I already ate it on the way," Sally responded sweetly, then ran to fetch her school bag that she had dropped at the entrance.

Carla wasn't surprised. She knew Sean would always offer Sally first whatever he bought.

She walked to the couch and sat next to Sean. She first considered for a while whether she should bring up the topic or not, but then decided it was important. "So Sean, has uncle James been visiting you at school?" she asked, keeping the cake aside.

"Yeah, well," Sean started, while Sally continued to fish for something in her school bag.

"he visited once two days ago. He wanted me to reconsider the engagement," he added, looking at Carla with a sense of guilt. The young man was under the impression that he was doing something wrong by denying his uncle.

James was hoping for Sean's agreement, and didn't realize reaching out to him again and again was pressuring

y, her head leaning on her own palm resting on the back of the sofa. She couldn't help but smile at the scene. How purely the two little ones loved each other! She recalled what Terence had told her a few days back. What a crazy idea that was!

If Sean wasn't her little brother, she might accept the wild idea even though he was seven years older than Sally. Their relationship was so pure, and Sally clearly had a special place for him in her heart.

Carla treated Sean like her biological brother, even though they had no blood ties.

But since they actually didn't, could their relationship change into something else in the future? She shook her head, trying to shake off the thought.

She was thinking too much! Come to think of it, they were only two kids who enjoyed playing together. It was normal for kids to be close at such ages.

She felt foolish to even think about such a stupid thing now.

Suddenly, Carla's phone rang, interrupting her wandering thoughts. Looking at the name on the screen, her face lit up, It was Terence.

Seemed like his plane had landed. Oh, how she was craving to see him, kiss him, and indulge in the warmth of his body.

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