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   Chapter 713 Ex-girlfriend

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"Hi, there. Are you, perhaps, Manager Li from the R Furniture Company?"

Carla stood up right away to welcome him.

Nodding his head, he said, "Are you the one in charge of the design team?" Then, Manager Li walked over toward Carla and shook her hands before taking a seat.

"Yes, I am. Thank you for sparing us a bit of your time. I truly feel sorry that our design couldn't meet your expectations before,"

Carla politely said as she waved at the waiter to come over. After that, she heard Manager Li say, "Well, I hate to say this but I was really disappointed. I mean, you are the AJ Group after all. I had high expectations of you. If I'm completely being honest, I think children could have done a much better job than you. Do you actually think we're that easy to fool?"

Upon saying that, the manager glanced at Carla and tapped on the table.

At this point, the waiter was already there to take their order.

"I sincerely apologize for that, Manager Li, but please calm down. What would you like to drink?" Carla asked, handing over the menu to him.

However, Manager Li simply went ahead and asked for a cup of coffee and put down the menu. "That won't be necessary. Let's cut to the chase, shall we? You asked me out today. Have you come up with a new design?

But first, let me just make it clear that I don't think we have to use your design just because you are the AJ group. In case you still fail to meet my expectations again this time, we'll have to consider going with another company."

Bringing out her own design, Carla proceeded to put it in front of Manager Li. "Manager Li, please have a look at this and see if it is to your liking. I designed this myself. If ever you still feel unsatisfied with it, I can make some adjustments."

As he leaned back against the chair, he took the designs Carla had just laid out.

The moment he took a look at her designs, Manager Li was left at a loss for words. He browsed through all three designs and paused for a while. When he finally opened his mouth, he said, "Carla, this is what you came up with?

Childish. The way I see it, it seems like you don't deserve the title of chief designer at all!"

As he said those words, Manager Li looked so displeased that he threw her design away.

As she watched the design being thrown to the floor ground, Carla couldn't help but sigh, "Since Manager Li isn't satisfied with my design, I guess we should end this partnership.

But I would seriously appreciate it if you show a bit of respect for our hard work. All of my team members worked so hard to make this design

That you have a crush on me?"

Hearing those words coming from her, Steven lowered his gaze and clenched his fists.

However, Carla simply mentioned it once again, "Of course, I know that would be impossible! You don't have to think too much of it at all." After that, Carla took another sip of her coffee, beamed him a smile and added, "Steven, even though we've only interacted with each other a couple of times, I can tell that you are a good guy.

You are innocent, kind, decent and so talented. I think there are a number of girls who really like you..."

Carla was barely done talking when she heard a woman's voice coming from behind.

"Steven, who is she?" Celine had just come back from the restroom. Judging from the last thing that she heard that Carla said, she tried to guess, "Could she be your ex-girlfriend?"

Because there was a bit of a misunderstanding, Carla wanted to clear things up right away. That being said, Celine interrupted her and said, "Well, that doesn't matter. It's quite normal to greet your ex. Why don't we just sit together?" With those words, Celine proceeded to take a seat beside Steven and gave Carla a suspicious look.

"Miss, I think you misun..."

"I would actually like to thank you. Thank you for leaving Steven so that I can meet him. Despite this being my first time meeting him, I have quite a good impression of him. To be honest, I haven't met a boy who could make me fall in love the way he does for such a long time!"

Celine exclaimed as she grabbed a hold of Steven's hand, not giving Carla a chance to speak.

Carla had no choice but to swallow her words back down her throat.

'Did he come here for a blind date?' Carla couldn't help herself from wondering.

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