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   Chapter 712 Overprotective

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Carla never took an important situation as a joke.

Terence had seen it before.

Aside from that, he also knew the amount of food she could eat. At that moment, she only had a few bites, and that wasn't even enough to fill her stomach.

"Carla, just enjoy your meal and eat it, or else, I will take you back home and won't allow you to come to work tomorrow."

His face held a serious expression as he looked at her.

As soon as she felt that he wasn't in a good mood, she gave him a beam while putting the design draft away then grabbed the brush out of his hand. "Okay, I'm sorry. I'll eat it now."

She grabbed his hand then pulled him to sit down, eating with him afterward.

From a deadpan expression, his face turned into a relaxed one.

After dinner, Carla glanced at him and cleared her throat, standing up from her seat. "Terence, I'm going back to my office now."

"Wait. Have a cup of tea before leaving."

He rolled up his sleeves then poured some tea into the teacup.

She pouted and didn't utter a word. As she went to the tea table, she placed her elbows on it then rested her chin on her hands while watching him being very careful, washing the cups.

Afterward, he poured some tea into her cup then gave it to her. "Honey, I have to go on a business trip tomorrow. It's really important. So, I want you to stay home and don't go out by yourself, okay?"

After what Mr. Chang did to her before, he became so worried about her whenever she was alone outside. He was even planning to limit her freedom just to her away from any harm.

"Business trip, huh? How long would you be there?"

Carla gave him a questioning look.

He paused after taking a sip. "Ten days."

"Ten days? You'd be away for that long?"

Ten days felt ten years for her, and as that thought kept on running in her mind, she became upset.

"Honey, you can come with me if you want." A grin made its way on his lips as soon as he noticed her hesitant expression.

She waved her hand dismissively. "Well, forget about it. I don't want to leave Sally."

His smile faded, so he flicked her on the forehead. "You cruel woman. You'd choose your daughter over your husband?

You can easily leave me just to stay with her?"

She chuckled

to stand by for an hour to wait for him.

To get rid of boredom, she took out the design outline then scanned through it.

As she kept on staring at it, she remembered how she had put all of her efforts just to finish it. It differed from the other group members' designs. That was why she was so nervous about whether or not the customer would like it.

She snapped out of thoughts when a young man and woman sat at the table next to her.

"Nice to meet you. My name's Celine."

She gave Steven a smile.

She expected that the mayor's son would be a well-educated scholar, or a spoiled dude, but she was wrong.

With a tall and thin body and angelic facial features, he really was a handsome young man.

His uniqueness made her feel the butterflies in her stomach to dance with joy. It was rare to find a man like him nowadays.

"I'm Steven. Nice to meet you, too."

He gave her a polite handshake with a smile. "Here's the menu. Order anything you'd like. Don't worry, I'm not choosy when it comes to food."

Celine stared in astonishment while picking up the menu. "Okay. Just so you know, I prefer sweets."

He wanted to complain because he disliked her food choices. However, he kept his composure.

"That's okay. Have your way, then."

It was against his will, though.

Meanwhile, Carla set the design draft aside and glanced at her wristwatch. It was almost time, yet the client hadn't appeared.

Just then, she spotted a man walking from afar and looking around.

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