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   Chapter 711 Not Enjoying Her Meal

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Two days later

In the morning, Carla felt bored staying at home.

She wanted to do something so, she went to the company with Terence. On the way there, she first dropped Sally off at her kindergarten school.

Afterwards, Carla immediately went to her own office, and Terence proceeded to his.

Both of them quickly got busy with their own work.

Nowadays, Carla would seldom come here. She would usually supervise the working quality of the team every week. However, if there was a particularly important piece of work that had to be done, she would do it herself.

Now that she had finally gotten on the right track, she certainly wouldn't waste any chances with it.

At this moment, Carla was currently staring at an image of the new product. This was designed by her team, she propped her hand against her head while staring at the image.

This project came from a partner company, not directly from the AJ group's products.

One of the group members from Carla's team came over and told her that the logo had already been rejected for the third time. If the logo wouldn't pass this time, then their entire group would get replaced.

"Hello Violet, what's up?"

Carla answered her incessantly ringing phone while she was reading the design documents on her computer.

"Carlaaaaaa, I'm dying!"

Violet's clearly hysterical voice could be heard from the other end of the line.

"What is it? You're a newly married woman now. Aren't you supposed to be on cloud nine? Why are you dying all of a sudden?" Carla asked with a wry smile. She continued on with her work while talking with Violet, she drew a rough outline using a pencil.

"I think my mother-in-law is too weird! I don't know how she gave birth to someone like William," Violet muttered on the phone.

Carla's hand continued working with the outline. The pencil's scratching noise could be clearly heard on Violet's side. "What's wrong with her? Why would you say that? Even if she is a weirdo, she still raised an excellent son like William. Otherwise, you wouldn't have fallen in love with him."

Violet took a deep breath upon hearing this to try to calm down.

"William has been on a business trip for the past few days and I'm currently pregnant with his child. So, in order to take care of me, I'm currently living with his parents. I thought that since William's mother had lived in the city for years, she would've been an open-minded person right?

And you know what happened? Since it was cold these days, I thought it would be nice to eat something warm, which is why I had mutton hotpot to eat. Can you guess what happened?"

Carla stopped drawing when she heard this and asked, "What happened? It's just some hotpot. Nothing serious should've happened right?"

"No! It's the complete opposite

gn drawings and brush box on the sofa. "This is a design needed for a furniture company. However, they're not satisfied with it. They said that the deadline for it is today," she said sighing.

"Really? Since they're so difficult to deal with, why not just ask them to change companies to work with?" Terence took a piece of wet tissue and wiped her dirty hands.

"No way I'm doing that! Now that we have accepted their project, how can we just cancel what our clients need?" Carla took the tissues and wiped her hands. "I have made an appointment with the other party. I will take the design drawing to see them tomorrow.

I'll introduce this design idea to them. If there isn't anything more that we can do and they're still dissatisfied with it, then they'll have to consider changing companies then,"

Carla said while sat down at the table. She picked up the chopsticks. She was too focused drawing the design earlier on that she couldn't feel hungry. Now, she felt her stomach groaning for food.

Terence nodded at what she said. If it were him then he too wouldn't easily give up just because of some difficult clients.

He looked at her and sighed. He just didn't want her to be too tired.

Terence frowned at her once he saw that she only took two bites before her attention was captured by the design again. After a while, she would put down her chopsticks and make some changes, before going back to eating. She would repeat this multiple times.

She was so distracted by her work that she couldn't even enjoy her meal.

She obviously thought that the design wasn't that good. Carla had a lot of ideas she could implement. After a few bites, she felt that she wasn't that hungry anymore. So, she started to draw again.

All of a sudden, her pencil was taken away. She looked up only to see a handsome face with a stern expression on it.

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