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   Chapter 710 A Father's Care About His Son's Marriage

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Carla looked at the lines on Terence's forehead and his deeply grave eyes, staring into nothingness. He was immersed deeply in thoughts, clenching his jaw. Although she didn't know what exactly it was that was bothering him, she could guess what it was.

She lifted her hand, running the tips of her soft fingers on his forehead, smoothing the wrinkles on it. She leaned on his shoulder quietly, making no sound to disturb his thoughts.

The An family had been in trouble ever since Steven's father came into power as the new mayor of the city.

She couldn't understand why Henry was so determined to be against them, but Terence was the kind of man who would do anything to protect his family, even if it meant risking everything. But why would he even pick on Terence in the first place?

"Hey...honey, did my expression worry you? I was just thinking about something..." Terence put his arm around her shoulders, staring down at the shiny slope of her nose, the slightly plump lips from the top.

Carla looked up at him with a concerned expression, resting her chin on his shoulder. Her high cheekbones shone under the light making her look like a wax doll. "Mr. Terence, your wife isn't that weak. Do you think it was Henry who locked me up with Steven that time? I mean even if he did I simply cannot figure out why he would do that?"

Carla's brows creased. She was frustrated almost to the level that she thought of giving up entirely. She hissed in helplessness, the skin above her eyes folding delicately. There were so many questions she couldn't figure the answers to.

"If I am not mistaken, Henry wants to increase the gap between me and the Su family. The greater the conflict is, the better it will be for him," Terence answered gravely.

Carla looked up again and questioned, "What could be his motive? Didn't he regard Su family as his only enemy? I remember how badly he wanted to take them down. And now he's after us? How many enemies does he want!"

Terence cupped her face in his palm, looking deep into her beautiful eyes. "Honey, it's not as simple as we think. There has to be someone really powerful behind Henry for him to be acting this way. How else could he dare to lay his hands on the mayor's son?"

"That can't be good for us! Terence, I am so scared. He has already started threatening me!" Carla said, clutching Terence's hand in nervousness. The situation was getting messier and messier.

"Yes, might be bad for us, but we can try to make it beneficial for us. Henry is strong enough to go against the Su family, but he could still be our ally. He seems to have changed his mind for some reason, and he wasn't following the orders he'd been given..."

Terence lifted her chin and kissed her gently on the lips. His lips were cold, and so were hers. Once they fused though, heat ran through both of their bodies. The short kiss ended soon, although both of them wished they could go on. Terence pulled back, slightly breathless. "Carla, you don't have to worry about anything. It's my job to take care of such things. I will try my best to protect this family and you from this dirty politics

the accident, he realized one of the things he really wanted in life was to see his son happy. He thought getting him married was one way of doing that.

He used to keep Steven away from women for the fear that he would misbehave with them. He was also afraid his son would get influenced with bad social habits.

But now, he could almost see this sphere of isolation that Steven had withdrawn himself into. He didn't seem to want to do anything or talk with anyone. Seeing him like this made Gary feel like he had failed as a father in creating a strong emotional connection with his son.

"Good job! I'll pick one and arrange a meeting with Steven myself. If Steven likes someone, it's better they date each other for a while. If things work out, they can consider getting engaged."

Gary shortlisted several pictures on the way and handed them to the secretary.

The young woman took them over with a smile, and said, "Mr. have such a good eye for people! I'm sure your son will like them."

"Thanks, but you know I have never been worried about Steven, ever since he was a child. But I feel guilty this time."

said Gary with a sigh. He realized that his private education and limited interaction with people had dulled him over time. He used to be such a jolly child, and now, he barely even spoke!

"Sir, don't think that way. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. It's better to be strict with children. Everything you did was out of love and for his own good."

With a smile, the secretary stole a glance at his boss and then continued, "You don't have to worry too much about your son's relationship. The young master is a fine-looking, modest and polite man. I'm sure many girls like him."

What she said was indeed true. Indeed, a lot of girls liked Steven. He had excellent looks, and a very charming personality.

Gary nodded in agreement. Her words made him feel a little better. Steven was indeed an eligible bachelor. Perhaps there was no need for him to worry about him.

As a smart and intelligent man, Steven would definitely find a nice girl he liked.

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