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   Chapter 708 Revenge (Part Three)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9047

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"Mr. An, if you would just give me a chance to explain... This is not what it looks like! This is all just a big misunderstanding. I... I was..."

Moistening his lips, Henry glanced around. At that moment, he noticed that the people around them were whispering about him. In truth, he was so desperate to defend himself, but he realized that the explanation would sound so lame that it would probably be better to just keep his mouth shut.

On one hand, the guilt was beginning to eat him up inside, and on the other, Terence had quite a strong and overwhelming presence. He wasn't ready yet to defend himself right in front of him.

However, being caught in such a situation, he couldn't muster the courage to do it at all.

Not a single person who was watching felt the least bit sorry for him. Since he had the nerve to try and flirt with another man's wife, he fully deserved to get punched in the face!

"Mr. Bao, why don't you go ahead and explain? What really happened back there? How dare you?! Where did you get the audacity to treat my wife like that? It's making me wonder if you're that shameless because you've got someone powerful to back you up,"

Terence snorted and said. There was a look of disgust on Terence's face as he said those words. Then, he quickly dusted off his clothes and sprung up from his seat.

"Mr. Bao, we used to go our own separate ways without ever interfering with one another. But right now, you have chosen to start a fight, I hope you know that I won't be showing you any mercy."

As soon as he was done talking, Terence turned his back on him and grabbed Carla's hand. Then, the two of them headed straight toward the gate of the banquet hall.

Shrugging his shoulders, Theo followed them outside.

When they finally got out, Terence quickly asked, "Honey, what did you come here for?"

As he looked at Carla, Terence's eyebrows were deeply knitted. He and Theo had everything planned out ahead of time, but when Carla appeared from out of the blue and started making a fuss, he was left at such a loss.

"He got on my nerves. I didn't have any ill will against him. Why did he have to do that to me? I just had to kick his ass to release all of this anger. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to calm myself down,"

Carla said as she pursed her lips. As the two of them were talking, Nathan had already opened the door for them to get in the car.

Terence stepped into the car first. But the second Carla took a seat inside the car, a hand suddenly grabbed her and pulled her out before the door could be closed.

In the blink of an eye, Theo got into the car and sat right next to Terence.

"Terence, please, you have to keep me safe. He mig

pletely still at his doorstep, not daring to move an inch.

Theo was right after all.

Since Henry was humiliated in front of a lot of people today, there was no way in hell he could fall asleep without letting out all of that steam on somebody.

He couldn't risk laying a finger on Terence. But given the fact that the Huo family was not that influential in JA City, he decided to release his anger on Theo instead.

"Guys, teach this guy a lesson! Let him know he chose the wrong person to mess with."

As he rubbed his swollen cheek with one hand, he gestured toward his men with the other.

Watching helplessly as the gang of men began to approach him, Theo couldn't help but take one big gulp. He might not have been saying anything out loud, but he was already screaming and cursing deep inside.

'Terence, you son of a bitch! You have put me in such a precarious situation, ' Theo thought.

He knew he couldn't win this fight all by himself.

'Oh, my God! I'm so screwed!' Theo thought, feeling so dreadful.

As luck would have it, moments before Theo was about to get hit, he heard the screech of a car backing up.

Then, he noticed Terence's car parked behind the gangsters about to go after him.

After that, he saw another car pull over.

The door of that car was swung open first, and then a group of tall and burly bodyguards in black suits got out of the car.

Even though there weren't that many bodyguards, every single one of them was highly skilled and well-versed in fighting.

After that, they proceeded to stand on both sides of the road.

In that moment, the door of the Benz business car in the middle opened.

With Nathan and Rainer standing by the car, they bowed their heads and respectfully waited for the man inside to step out of the vehicle.

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