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   Chapter 707 Sweet Revenge (Part Two)

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"I said, let me go! Do you hear me?" Henry's face became red as a tomato while he tried to get out of Theo's tight grip on his collar.

Nonetheless, he was a big guy in JA City. He wondered how he could do this to him and talk to him in a rude manner.

With a furrowed eyebrows, Henry pushed him away with such force. Afterward, he fixed his wrinkled collar while giving him a death glare.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Do you even know who I am? You just poured the red wine onto my clothes! I believe, I deserve an apology from you."

Theo, who was on the ground, stood up and then narrowed his eyes at the man, ten years older, in front of him.

"Well, I don't like the way you speak to me." He eyed his suit. "It's just a cheap tuxedo. If you want a new one, then I can send one to you since I do have a lot of them in my closet. There's no need for you to behave in a disrespectful way." A smirk made its way on his lips to insult him more.

"I've already made an apology and showed my sincerest respect to you. You should be more alert next time and stop blaming others for being blind." He laughed bitterly and then continued, "Don't you ever underestimate my strength and think that you can win against me with your fists."

Scowling at Henry, he clenched his hands.

Their fight and anger became more intense as seconds passed by. Meanwhile, at the corner of the banquet hall, Carla was busy eating mousse with Terence when they heard the noise and saw Theo. "What's happening there?"

She was about to go there when he grabbed her hand, shook his head and then ate the cake from her hand. "Babe, it's none of our concern. Just ignore it and continue eating the cake."

"But, there is a commotion over there. It looks like Theo's involved, and I think we should go there to have a look!"

Concern was evident in her tone while she stared in the direction of the noise.

Terence took the small spoon in her hand, scooped up a spoonful of the cake and put it in front of her mouth. "Don't worry about him. He is always loud when talking. I guess it's nothing serious."

Staring at the spoon in front of her, she swallowed it and wondered why he looked so calm as if it was all an ordinary thing.

In an instant, Terence heard a faint sound from afar. It sounded as if someone had been thrown onto something.

With that, Carla immediately placed the plate with dessert on the table.

This time, they strode towards Theo.

"Theo, stop it! What's wrong with you?"

He scanned Theo and Henry and noticed that they were having a fight, so he went in the middle to stop them.

"It's his fault! I admit that I've spilled some red wine onto his clothes, but it was not intent

d, so he began to intimate me without my consent. I was thankful that my friend came and saved me from him! Thank God I was rescued because I couldn't think what would happen to me if my friend hadn't come!"

After hearing that, Terence paused for a second. Carla was really a smart woman because she had realized the real plan so quickly. Without a warning, he punched Henry on the face.

He fell on the ground as he spat out some blood, realizing that it was all an act. The real purpose was to settle the old accounts with him. With the small conflict in the beginning, they finally had the chance to fight him.

"Mr. Henry, is that true? Was it you who harassed my wife several days ago?"

Terence asked and pretended to be irritated by the truth.

It seemed like his face ran out of blood as he wiped off the crimson red liquid on the side of his lips. After regaining a bit of strength, he stood up and tried to open his mouth to explain, but he found it too hard to do so.

The play was perfectly designed by Terence, and now he took that opportunity to get his sweet revenge. Clearly, all of his explanations would turn futile.

"Mr. Terence, I'll explain. Look, it's just a misunderstanding..."

With that being said, Terence stepped closer to him and then grabbed his collar. "Just a misunderstanding? So, are you telling me that you did not make advances on my wife?"

"I... I..."

"Where's the confidence you had a while ago? Is it too hard for you to speak now? You know damn well that she's my wife, but you still dared to do that to her. I can see that you're really not taking me seriously, Mr. Henry."

He tapped his pale face with a deadpan expression and fire burning in his eyes. His heart was filled with so much anger to the point that he wanted to tear him apart.

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