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   Chapter 706 Revenge (1)

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As Terence was helping Carla out of the car, he spotted a man and a woman exiting the car next to his. They stopped to peer out as they moved their way closer to him.

"Terence? Bringing back a beauty? Tell me, where did you catch her?"

Theo narrowed his gaze over the woman who had her head faced downwards. She was familiar. He turned to Terence, keeping his eyes on her.

"I picked her up on the street."

Carla stifled a snort as Terence assisted her to the gates of the banquet hall. Her heels clicked on the pavement as they walked side by side, blocking Theo's sight.

"Really? Which street? Maybe I should give it a visit." Theo tilted his head, trying to get a better look at the woman's face to no avail.

'Why can't I pick up that beauty?' Theo thought, disgruntled about the missed opportunity. He was already itching to get himself another girl to have fun with.

Terence glowered when he noticed Theo staring, very obviously, at his wife. He shoved him roughly, mouth shaped in a thin line. "Look at her that way, and I'll gouge your eyes out," he threatened.

"Why are you so angry? What would your wife think? You think I won't tell her? If she knew about this, you'd be dead."

Theo scowled at Terence, his eyebrows furrowing. He just couldn't believe Terence would go out of his way to protect her, when he already had his own wife at home.

Carla had kept a straight face for so long, not wanting to be recognized throughout the whole ordeal. However, after hearing Theo's words, she couldn't help but burst into laughter. "Mr. Huo, though I do thank you for your kindness, that isn't necessary."

Theo slowly blinked.

'This voice...'

He slapped himself on the forehead, realization dawning on him. No wonder she was so familiar to him. The woman was no other than Carla herself.

As Theo processed this, he couldn't help but shake his head at the thought. Obviously who else would it be?

In the banquet hall.

As soon as Carla stepped inside the banquet hall, she couldn't help but stand in awe at the lavish designs. The high ceilings glittered from its expensive ornaments, blinking at the guests. This was different from all the parties that Auntie Kaylee had taken her to—this was definitely more prestigious.

Terence wouldn't

into Theo's ear. Theo's eyes glinted.

"Okay, I got it."

Although he was a mischievous man who always seemed to get into trouble, Theo was always serious in helping his friends.

The banquet came to the second half quickly, now serving more entertainment for the mostly tipsy guests.

Theo pretended to be drunk as he stumbled around the hall. His wine glass swayed from side to side. Once he saw his target coming in, he fell over, spilling the wine all over the man's shirt.

"Oh, sorry, sorry! I didn't see you," he slurred.

Theo made a quick apology, glancing up at the man, silently cheering himself for what he did.

The man was Henry.

Henry glanced down at his white suit which had been dirtied by red and purple from the spilled wine. The stains were so bad that Theo had to step backward to get a better look at his accomplishment. Henry reddened in anger.

"You bastard! How can I see people in this suit?"

There were only few people outside the bathroom, and Henry couldn't help but swear like a sailor. He was turning purple now, hands curling into the fists.

Theo's eyes widened momentarily. He had been told that the man was impolite, he didn't expect that 'impolite' meant being an asshole to everybody.

"Seriously? I have already said sorry, you don't need to be such an ass. It's a crappy suit anyway. I'll pay for it,"

Theo said, gnashing his teeth. He let his wine glass fall from his grip as he grabbed Henry by the collar, pulling him closer, yelling back with rage.

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